07 January 2014

WANTED: Hensley Meulens/Roberto Kelly SF Giants FanFest cards

        With the Giants Fan Fest rapidly approaching (1 February 2014), I thought I should put this back out there in the hopes that some kind person might be able to help me out.

         I'm hunting any available black & white team issue cards produced of Hensley Meulens and Roberto Kelly since they joined the San Francisco Giants.  I posted previously about cards like this, issued by the Giants primarily for use at their yearly fanfest, but at the time I wasn't sure there were any cards for either player.  I still don't know if any cards exist for Kelly, but I've found images of these two one cards for Bam Bam (the 2013 card finally turned up on eBay again):

      I'm hoping someone might find a batch of these and put them up for sale somewhere.  They appear on eBay very infrequently, so I figured I'd make this call to the world.  If possible, I'd rather have clean, non-autographed cards, but if signed is the only way I can get one, I'll live.

1 comment:

  1. Just shot you an email. Definitely don't have any of these in my collection. They look pretty cool.