21 July 2014

Community Project: Help validate the 1985 MSA Subway Discs checklist

I began this project on the Freedom Cardboard and Net54Baseball forums, but thought I should also post it here in hope of attracting a wider audience as I know there are many collectors who do not frequent the hobby message boards.  This post will be updated and re-published as new information is uncovered.

     1985 saw the release of two nearly identical sets of MSA discs (which unfortunately looked almost exactly like most of the previous years MSA discs sets). There was the Thom McAn/JOX set, issued as a promotion for Thom McAn's JOX tennis shoes, and the completely anonymous Subway set, that looked exactly the same, but was blank on the back. 

     Beckett just looks to have done a wholesale copy of the Thom McAn checklist for their Subway checklist, only for some reason removing George Brett. The Standard Catalog only lists the Subway set as having 36 discs, but includes Dennis Leonard where Beckett does not. Clearly one, or both, of these catalogs is incorrect.  The set is not included in the 2003 Standard Catalog, but is included in the 2004 Beckett Almanac and 2004 Standard Catalog.  The set descriptions in neither book are very helpful in pinpointing the origin of the set.

     I would like to solicit the help of everyone in pinning down exactly what cards actually comprise the Subway set, primarily because I simply don't believe the Winfield disc exists in the Subway set, but would love some independent confirmation. eBay isn't terribly helpful here as the same 7 or 8 discs just get listed over and over. Judging from the PSA registry, similar to the JOX set, some of these also exist in multiple colors.

     Combining the checklists between the Standard Catalog and Beckett, the 1985 MSA Subway Disc set looks like this, 48 discs, with the sources for each disc listed until existence is confirmed. For any thing can be confirmed, I'll include the color of the disc for the player.

CONFIRMED (by various collectors):
Buddy Bell - yellow
Mike Boddicker - yellow
Rod Carew - yellow (PSA graded)
Steve Carlton - blue (PSA graded)
Cesar Cedeno - orange
Tony Gwynn - green
Bob Horner - yellow
Jeff Leonard - blue
Willie McGee - green
Jack Morris - orange
Terry Puhl - orange
Dan Quisenberry - green
Cal Ripken Jr. - blue/yellow (PSA graded)
Ryne Sandberg - pink
Mike Schmidt - pink (PSA graded)
Tom Seaver - green
Bruce Sutter - green
Alan Trammell - (PSA graded, no image)

Benny Ayala - Beckett
Juan Beniquez - Beckett
Tony Bernazard - Beckett
Jose Cruz - Beckett
Ivan DeJesus - Beckett
Luis DeLeon - Beckett
Keith Hernandez - Beckett
Jesse Orosco - Beckett
Junior Ortiz - Beckett
Ed Romero - Beckett
Ozzie Virgil - Beckett

LISTED ONLY BY SCD (unconfirmed):
George Brett - SCD
Dennis Leonard - SCD

Bill Buckner - Beckett/SCD
Dave Concepcion - Beckett/SCD
Cecil Cooper - Beckett/SCD
Al Cowens - Beckett/SCD
Rich Gossage - Beckett/SCD
Pedro Guerrero - Beckett/SCD
Ron Guidry - Beckett/SCD
Mike Hargrove - Beckett/SCD
Kent Hrbek - Beckett/SCD
Rick Langford - Beckett/SCD
Johnny Ray - Beckett/SCD
Rick Sutcliffe - Beckett/SCD
Fernando Valenzuela - Beckett/SCD
Greg Walker - Beckett/SCD
Willie Wilson - Beckett/SCD
Dave Winfield - Beckett/SCD
Geoff Zahn - Beckett/SCD

18 June 2014

Player Collecting: Team photos, remember those?

     On the rare occasion that a player collector gets to the end of the line when it comes to traditional baseball cards, having picked up a copy of every different card (documented or not) that exists for a particular player, the yearning to pick up something else persists.  In that situation, the mind wanders to other items featuring player photographs, be they magazines, game programs, pocket schedules or what have you.  Quite possibly the oldest, yet frequently neglected item available to the dedicated player collector is the team photo or team picture.

1869 Peck & Snyder Red Stockings
     Some of the earliest documented baseball cards are actually just team photos, usually tied to a sponsor or business of some sort.  While technology has improved in photography and printing, the same arrangement that existed between teams and sponsors in the 1880s is still alive and well today in the form of team pictures as stadium giveaways and newspaper premiums.  In fact, this is usually the only way team pictures are made available in the present.  And don't think it's just a baseball thing, pretty much every pro and college team sport issues team pictures in some format.

     As a collectible, they are often overlooked for reasons of storage.  In most cases over the last 30 years, team pictures are large.  Usually 11" x 14" or bigger.  In some cases, they are more posters than what one might think of a simply a "photo".  My collection of team photos is only about two years old, but quickly grew to include 20 or so items, ranging from large postcards to posters.  Below are what I have and what I'm hunting for each of my player collections.

Dave Winfield

    Naturally, having played the longest, Winfield has the most team pictures available, especially given that the San Diego Padres started issuing team photos, sponsored by the San Diego Union-Evening Tribube, back in their minor league days as far back as 1964, and continuing with various sponsors through 1995.  As a result, Winfield's entire time as a Padre is covered.  These were generally large photos, measuring 14"x11".

1973 San Diego Padres

1974 San Diego Padres

1975 San Diego Padres

1976 San Diego Padres

1977 San Diego Padres

1978 San Diego Padres

1979 San Diego Padres

1980 San Diego Padres

The only form I can find the 1980's & early 1990's New York Yankees team photos are in the form of these stadium giveaway mugs.  You can see several of them here:

New York Yankees Fan Day mug SGA Collection 1977 - 1995

1990 California Angels

1992 Toronto Blue Jays - issued by The Postcard Factory

1992-93 Toronto Blue Jays /  Maxwell House 5" x 7"

1995 Cleveland Indians

Hensley Meulens

    Given the Yankees lack of traditionally issued team pictures, most of what I've found for Bam Bam have been minor league team pictures.  These are typically stadium giveaway items from the first couple of months into a season.

1987 Prince William Yankees

In the case of the 1990 Columbus Clippers, the team photo was combined with one of their yearly baseball card sets.

1993 Columbus Clippers

2005 Indianapolis Indians - Team Picture Night, 29 April 2005

2006 Indianapolis Indians - Team Picture Night, 21 April 2006, sponsored by Pepsi & BAND-AID, first 4,000 fans.

2007 Indianapolis Indians - Team Picture Night, 20 April 2007, first 4,000 fans.

2008 Indianapolis Indians

2012 San Francisco Giants - 18" x 12"

Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes

   Despite playing pretty much the whole season with the Tucson Toros in 1990, Rhodes did not make the team picture that season.

1993 Omaha Royals

Roberto Kelly

1993 Cincinnati Reds - The Reds issued these team photos consistently (and with the same basic design) from at least 1967-1998.  The photos were usually given away with a sponsor's coupon attached.  The design changed in 2000.

1999 Texas Rangers - This poster was sponsored by AT&T.

Dave Henderson

1982 Seattle Mariners - 8" x 10"

1983 Seattle Mariners - sponsored by Showbiz Pizza

1984 Seattle Mariners - 14" x 8.5" poster

1991 Oakland Athletics - poster sponsored by Kodak

Bernardo Brito

1990 Portland Beavers

1991 Portland Beavers

Dann Howitt

1987 Modesto A's - 10.75" x 8.25"

Steve Howard

1985 Modesto A's

1987 Huntsville Stars
      Somewhere I have a copy of this photo that I picked up at the stadium on giveaway day.  I've been looking for it for years now and can't seem to lay my hands on it.  The highlight is that Walt Weiss is making a face at the camera.

14 June 2014

Checklist Translations: Smart '99 Chinese Pro-Baseball

     The primary set (issued in 2000) covering the 1999 CPBL season was issued by a new company, Sunrich Cards, Inc.  Each card had a foil logo featuring a pitcher and the word "SMART" written vertically, accompanied by "'99 CHINESE PRO-BASEBALL" sideways down the right side of each base card.  A special logo in the lower corner of each card marked the 10th anniversary of the CPBL.  The set was limited to 2000 copies (each card showing 1/2000 on the back), but only cards 183-226 were actually stamped with serial numbers.  While I haven't been able to tell for sure, based on the collections of like-numbered serial stamped cards I've seen on auction sites, I suspect this set may have only been issued in complete sets.

     The set contained 228 cards covering all of the teams (1-172), team logos (173-178), '99 post season (179-182), monthly MVP winners (183-196), the league's Best 9 (197-205), Glod Glove winners (206-214), '99 award winners and statistical leaders (215-226) and two unnumbered checklists.

The set is described in this blog post:


Cards 1-172 can be seen in this album:


The standard base card front:

The standard base card back:

     Below is the checklist as I've managed to construct so far. The scans in the album cover only the base cards through #001-172.  I'm updating the subsets as I find them.

Number Chinese English Team
001 李坤哲 Kun-Che Li Chinatrust Whales
002 楊啟鑫 Chi-Hsin Yang Chinatrust Whales
003 陳連宏 Lien-Hung Chen Chinatrust Whales
004 王光浩 Kuang-Hao Wang Chinatrust Whales
005 闕樹木 Shu-Mu Chueh Chinatrust Whales
006 楊松弦 Sun-Hsuan Yang Chinatrust Whales
007 洪啟峰 Chi-Feng Hung Chinatrust Whales
008 馬來寶 Carlos Mirabal Chinatrust Whales
009 黃鈞瑜 Chun-Yu Huang Chinatrust Whales
010 陳威志 Wei-Chih Chen Chinatrust Whales
011 邱企彬 Chi-Pin Chiu Chinatrust Whales
012 黃文博 Wen-Po Huang Chinatrust Whales
013 何紀賢 Chi-Hsien Ho Chinatrust Whales
014 郝有力 Kevin Henthorne Chinatrust Whales
015 林鴻遠 Hong-Yuan Lin Chinatrust Whales
016 郭李建夫 Chien-Fu Kuo Lee Chinatrust Whales
017 黃清境 Ching-Jing Huang Chinatrust Whales
018 潘志強 Chih-Chiang Pan Chinatrust Whales
019 高建三 Chieh-San Kao Chinatrust Whales
020 郭源治 Yuan-Chih Kuo Chinatrust Whales
021 賀福來 Efrain Valdéz Chinatrust Whales
022 何獻凡 Hsien-Fan He Chinatrust Whales
023 亞力士 Alex Cabrera Chinatrust Whales
024 百樂 Juan Parra Chinatrust Whales
025 謝富貴 Cheng-Hsun Hsieh Chinatrust Whales
026 柳裕展 Yu-chan Liu Chinatrust Whales
027 闕壯鎮 Chuang-Chen Chueh Chinatrust Whales
028 鍾凱力 Calvin Jones Chinatrust Whales
029 黃貴裕 Kuei-Yu Huang Chinatrust Whales
030 李來發 Lai-Fa Li Chinatrust Whales
031 唐尼 Tony Rodríguez Uni-President Lions
032 柯建鋒 Chien-Feng Ke Uni-President Lions
033 蘇育樂 Wei-Chih Su Uni-President Lions
034 林光中 Kuang-Chung Lin Uni-President Lions
035 藍迪 Corey Kapano Uni-President Lions
036 羅克 Raul Rodarte Uni-President Lions
037 羅敏卿 Min-Ching Luo Uni-President Lions
038 耿健輝 Chien-Hui Keng Uni-President Lions
039 吳佳榮 Chia-Jung Wu Uni-President Lions
040 周森毅 Sen-Yi Chou Uni-President Lions
041 羅國璋 Kuo-chang Luo Uni-President Lions
042 馬奇 Danny Magee Uni-President Lions
043 謝長亨 Chang-Heng Hsieh Uni-President Lions
044 雷猛 Don Lemon Uni-President Lions
045 林朝煌 Chao-Huang Lin Uni-President Lions
046 賴崇光 Chong-Kuang Lai Uni-President Lions
047 王傳家 Chuen-Chia Wang Uni-President Lions
048 巴雷納 Julio Valera Uni-President Lions
049 曹竣崵 Chun-Yang Tsao Uni-President Lions
050 高正偉 Pao-Hung Chen Uni-President Lions
051 陳政賢 Cheng-Hsien Chen Uni-President Lions
052 吳俊良 Chun-Liang Wu Uni-President Lions
053 蔡青峰 Ching-Feng Tsai Uni-President Lions
054 郭彥柏 Yen-Po Kuo Uni-President Lions
055 布萊恩 Brian Drahman Uni-President Lions
056 山姆 Scott Samuels Uni-President Lions
057 黃甘霖 Kan-Lin Huang Uni-President Lions
058 陳琦豐 Chi-Feng Chen Uni-President Lions
059 吳昭輝 Chao-Hui Wu Uni-President Lions
060 曾智偵 Chi-Chen Tseng Uni-President Lions
061 武建州 Chien-Chou Wu Wei Chuan Dragons
062 陳炳男 Ping-Nan Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
063 盧詩清 Shih-Ching Lu Wei Chuan Dragons
064 黃自強 Tsu-Chiang Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
065 黃煚隆 Chiung-Lung Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
066 金德七 Duck-Chil Kim Wei Chuan Dragons
067 巴威特 Carlos Sievers Wei Chuan Dragons
068 廖述仁 Shu-Jen Liao Wei Chuan Dragons
069 洪正欽 Cheng-Chin Hong Wei Chuan Dragons
070 陳俊傑 Chung-Chieh Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
071 郭一峰 Yi-Feng Kuo Wei Chuan Dragons
072 許聖杰 Sheng-Chieh Hsu Wei Chuan Dragons
073 蓋瑞 Gabriel Ozuna Wei Chuan Dragons
074 蔡昆祥 Kun-Hsiang Tsai Wei Chuan Dragons
075 葉君璋 Chun-Chang Yeh Wei Chuan Dragons
076 陶德 Todd Revenig Wei Chuan Dragons
077 馬力龍 Angel Moreno Wei Chuan Dragons
078 李逸楠 Wen-Hao Li Wei Chuan Dragons
079 強龍 Jose Cano Wei Chuan Dragons
080 麥特 Matthew Turner Wei Chuan Dragons
081 蕭雲東 Yun-Tung Hsiao Wei Chuan Dragons
082 張泰山 Tai-San Chang Wei Chuan Dragons
083 何利西 Mike Iglesias Wei Chuan Dragons
084 任志偉 Chih-Wei Jen Wei Chuan Dragons
085 陳大順 Ta-Shuen Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
086 大帝士 Bernardo Tatis Wei Chuan Dragons
087 陳金茂 Chin-Mou Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
088 徐生明 Sheng-Ming Hsu Wei Chuan Dragons
089 林岳亮 Yueh-Liang Lin Mercuries Tigers
090 蔡豐安 Feng-An Tsai Mercuries Tigers
091 張建勳 Chien-Hsun Chang Mercuries Tigers
092 林仲秋 Chung-Chiu Lin Mercuries Tigers
093 林禮雄 Li-Hsiung Lin Mercuries Tigers
094 陳該發 Kai-fa Chen Mercuries Tigers
095 周德賢 Te-hsien Chou Mercuries Tigers
096 戴龍水 Lung-Shui Tai Mercuries Tigers
097 柏格 John Burgos Mercuries Tigers
098 王志偉 Chih-Wei Wang Mercuries Tigers
099 翁豐堉 Feng-Yu Weng Mercuries Tigers
100 劉義傳 Yi-chuan Liu Mercuries Tigers
101 馬丁 Jose Olmeda Mercuries Tigers
102 吳世賢 Shih-Hsien Wu Mercuries Tigers
103 鄭文賢 Wen-Hsien Cheng Mercuries Tigers
104 呂嘉明 Chia-Ming Lu Mercuries Tigers
105 林怡宏 Yi-Hung Lin Mercuries Tigers
106 吉福 Jeff Matulevich Mercuries Tigers
107 卡內基 Brian Cornelius Mercuries Tigers
108 徐整當 Cheng-Tang Hsu Mercuries Tigers
109 凱力 Gary Haught Mercuries Tigers
110 風神 Jonathan Hurst Mercuries Tigers
111 堡吉 Paul Torres Mercuries Tigers
112 馬丁尼 Gabriel Martinez Mercuries Tigers
113 林正偉 Cheng-Wei Lin Mercuries Tigers
114 利多 Lino Rivera Mercuries Tigers
115 陳友彬/中尾孝義 You-Bin Chen/Takayoshi Nakao Mercuries Tigers
116 陳懷山 Huai-Shan Chen Brother Elephants
117 陳建村 Chien-Tsun Chen Brother Elephants
118 林易增 I-Tseng Lin Brother Elephants
119 德伍 Ted Wood Brother Elephants
120 朋馳 Guillermo Mercedes Brother Elephants
121 張士凱 Shih-Kai Chang Brother Elephants
122 許子為 Chih-Wei Hsu Brother Elephants
123 陳瑞昌 Jui-Chang Chen Brother Elephants
124 吳俊億 Chun-Yi Wu Brother Elephants
125 陳瑞振 Jui-Chen Chen Brother Elephants
126 羽根川龍 Ryu Hanekawa Brother Elephants
127 白坂勝史 Katsushi Shirasaka Brother Elephants
128 王勁力 Chin-Li Wang Brother Elephants
129 楊煜堂 Yu-Tang Yang Brother Elephants
130 吳思賢 Shih-Hsih Wu Brother Elephants
131 蒲慶哲 Ching-Che Pu Brother Elephants
132 王光輝 Kuang-Hui Wang Brother Elephants
133 邱麒璋 Chi-Chang Chiu Brother Elephants
134 劉文貿 Wen-Mao Liu Brother Elephants
135 李查 Rich Olivier Brother Elephants
136 陳俊義 Chun-Yi Chen Brother Elephants
137 吳柏勳 Po-Hsun Wu Brother Elephants
138 蕭任汶 Wen-Jen Shiao Brother Elephants
139 荷西 Jose Garcia Brother Elephants
140 吳聲武 Sheng-Wu Wu Brother Elephants
141 馮勝賢 Sheng-Hsian Feng Brother Elephants
142 林明憲 Ming-Hsien Lin Brother Elephants
143 洪德芳 Te-Fang Hung Brother Elephants
144 中山俊丈 Toshitake Nakayama Brother Elephants
145 胡長豪 Chang-Hao Hu Sinon Bulls
146 王崇耀 Chung-Yao Wang Sinon Bulls
147 陳文賓 Wen-Bin Chen Sinon Bulls
148 陳宗甫 Tsung-Fu Chen Sinon Bulls
149 吳哲宗 Zhe-Zong Wu Sinon Bulls
150 麥海奇 Mike Hickey Sinon Bulls
151 葉泳麟 Yung-Lin Yeh Sinon Bulls
152 安收多 Ron Maurer Sinon Bulls
153 劉忠岳 Ching-Lun Liu Sinon Bulls
154 陽介仁 Chieh-Jen Yang Sinon Bulls
155 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang Sinon Bulls
156 高龍偉 Lung-Wei Kao Sinon Bulls
157 陳宗男 Tsung-Nan Chen Sinon Bulls
158 牛沙勒 Julio Solano Sinon Bulls
159 張協進 Hsieh-Chin Chang Sinon Bulls
160 陳昭銘 Chao-Ming Chen Sinon Bulls
161 賴有亮 Yu-Liang Lai Sinon Bulls
162 勇壯 Osvaldo Martinez Sinon Bulls
163 凱爾 Rob Kell Sinon Bulls
164 楓康 Mark Kiefer Sinon Bulls
165 艾巴勒 Adam Butler Sinon Bulls
166 怪力男 Jay Kirkpatrick Sinon Bulls
167 馬雅 Jimmy Myers Sinon Bulls
168 葉高立 Kao-Li Yeh Sinon Bulls
169 蔡重光 Chung-Kuang Tsai Sinon Bulls
170 羅松永 Sung-Yung Lo Sinon Bulls
171 潘瑞雄 Jui-Hsiung Pan Sinon Bulls
172 王俊郎 Jun-lang Wang Sinon Bulls
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Uni-President Lions Logo Uni-President Lions
Wei Chuan Dragons Logo Wei Chuan Dragons
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Wei Chuan Dragons Wei Chuan Dragons
Championship Series '99
181 何紀賢 Chi-Hsien Ho Chinatrust Whales
182 黃煚隆 Chiung-Lung Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
183 曹峻揚 Chun-Yang Tsao (Monthly MVP) Uni-President Lions
184 王光浩 Kuang-Hao Wang (Monthly MVP) Chinatrust Whales
185 謝長亨 Chang-Heng Hsieh (Monthly MVP) Uni-President Lions
186 德伍 Ted Wood (Monthly MVP) Brother Elephants
187 馬力龍 Angel Moreno (Monthly MVP) Wei Chuan Dragons
188 亞力士 Alex Cabrera (Monthly MVP) Chinatrust Whales
189 郭李建夫 Chien-Fu Kuo Lee (Monthly MVP) Chinatrust Whales
190 陳連宏 Lien-Heng Chen (Monthly MVP) Chinatrust Whales
191 郝有力 Kevin Henthorne (Monthly MVP) Chinatrust Whales
192 洪啟峰 Chi-Feng Hung (Monthly MVP) Chinatrust Whales
193 張士凱 Shih-Kai Chang (Monthly MVP) Brother Elephants
194 陳懷山 Huai-Shan Chen (Monthly MVP) Brother Elephants
195 利多 Lino Rivera (Monthly MVP) Mercuries Tigers
196 張泰山 Tai-San Chang (Monthly MVP) Wei Chuan Dragons
197 郝有力 Kevin Henthorne (Best 9) Chinatrust Whales
198 王光浩 Kuang-Hao Wang (Best 9) Chinatrust Whales
199 陳文賓 Wen-Bin Chen (Best 9) Sinon Bulls
200 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang (Best 9) Sinon Bulls
201 張泰山 Tai-San Chang (Best 9) Wei Chuan Dragons
202 百樂 Juan Parra (Best 9) Chinatrust Whales
203 德伍 Ted Wood (Best 9) Brother Elephants
204 陳連宏 Lien-Hung Chen (Best 9) Chinatrust Whales
205 黃甘霖 Kan-Lin Huang (Best 9) Uni-President Lions
206 曹峻揚 Chun-Yang Tsao (Gold Glove) Uni-President Lions
207 陳瑞昌 Jui-Chang Chen (Gold Glove) Brother Elephants
208 王光輝 Kuang-Huei Wang (Gold Glove) Brother Elephants
209 陳瑞振 Jui-Chen Chen (Gold Glove) Brother Elephants
210 張泰山 Tai-San Chang (Gold Glove) Wei Chuan Dragons
211 林岳亮 Yueh-Liang Lin (Gold Glove) Mercuries Tigers
212 黃甘霖 Kan-Lin Huang (Gold Glove) Uni-President Lions
213 德伍 Ted Wood (Gold Glove) Brother Elephants
214 蔡昆祥 Kun-Hsiang Tsai (Gold Glove) Wei Chuan Dragons
215 洪啟峰 Chi-Feng Hung (Award Winner) Chinatrust Whales
216 張泰山 Tai-San Chang (Award Winner) Wei Chuan Dragons
217 德伍 Ted Wood (Award Winner) Brother Elephants
218 百樂 Juan Parra (Award Winner) Chinatrust Whales
219 黃甘霖 Kan-Lin Huang (Award Winner) Uni-President Lions
220 郝有力 Kevin Henthorne (Award Winner) Chinatrust Whales
221 馬來寶 Carlos Mirabal (Award Winner) Chinatrust Whales
222 布萊恩 Brian Drahman (Award Winner) Uni-President Lions
223 楓康 Mark Kiefer (Award Winner) Sinon Bulls
224 曹竣崵 Chun-Yang Tsao (Award Winner) Uni-President Lions
225 吳俊億 Chun-Yi Wu (Award Winner) Brother Elephants
226 曹峻揚 Chun-Yang Tsao (Award Winner) Uni-President Lions
Checklist 001-115
Checklist 116-226