18 January 2014

Inconsequential Variations (Part the First): 1990 CMC Pre-Rookie #441 Bill McGuire

     Welcome back, everyone, as it is time, once again, for the introductory installment of everyone's favorite recurring series where we explore the unknown depths of the obscure backwater that is inconsequential variations amongst baseball cards.

04 January 2014

Non-eBay Card Shopping (w/Winfield mailday)

Sorry, I'm having Indian food tonight :/

       On any given day, one can visit a sports card trading message board (and I'd be willing to bet this occurs on all manner of collecting-based hobby forums, as well), someone is bemoaning the lack of an alternative to eBay.  Oh, feebay, why doest thou taxeth us so, stealing the very nickels and dimes upon which we hoped to build our dreams?  There's so much shill bidding!  There is no seller protection from scammers!  Why, oh, why can't there be any where else we can go?