26 July 2012

18 July 2012

DEAL. OF. THE. YEAR. (brought to you by the letters F, B and I.

     In a previous post, the phrases "nearly impossible to find for anything less than $50 each" and "will likely be forever on my Dave Winfield Want List" were employed in an attempt to express how unattainable this piece likely would be for my collection.  But then, by sheer dumb luck, this happened:

     Never underestimate what is possible due to an obscurely worded eBay listing.  This complete box was listed and as "Dave Winfield/NY Yankees, Vida Blue/KC Royals Card Disks, Bantam Box" and sold with a only a single bid for the grand total of $13.95!  Yes, Johnny, dreams really do come true.

02 July 2012

Team-Issued Stadium Give-Away Sets in Japan (Part II)


(expect this to be a very long post)

     To follow on to the previous post on team-issued sets from Japan, I'm going to list all the sets I've dug up so far and ask that if anyone has information on any set not listed here, please drop me a line.  This post will serve as a to-do list for building checklists, a plea for new information and a list of what I've discovered so far.  I'll add thumbnail scans when I find them and a * next to those that have at least partial checklists in the Inventory Manager at SportsCardForum.com.

     Credit for a very large portion of these checklists (and sample scans) goes to the Antique Baseball Shop blog in Japan.  If you are interested at all in Japanese player pins, that blog is a gold mine.  It's also hugely useful for promo cards.  The news pages for the individual teams also yielded a lot of information for cards that were distributed at specific games as promotions.