08 April 2011

Dave Henderson 1981-82 Venezuelan Sticker & Hendu Want List

     As I mentioned in my previous post on Venezuelan stickers, I finally received my 1981-82 Dave Henderson. I held off on this one for awhile due to the price, but then finally came to the conclusion that if I didn't pick it up, I'd miss it forever. This is actually a different sticker/card than the one posted months ago as the former had some black staining along the bottom edge on the front and this one looks a little cleaner.
     I mentioned that these were odd to be considered stickers, or to be pasted into albums, as some sets had information on the back, like this one. And, as is apparent in the scan, this one was pasted into an album at some point. I just don't understand. But now I have one, so that's something.

     As rare as these are, I guess this wasn't Hendu's rarest piece as I've now seen two copies (from the same seller) in the past year. The cards I'm having the most trouble with are below in my comprehensive (to date) Dave Henderson want list:


Seem there are at least two more Mariners postcards out there I need for the Hendu collection:

MLB Transparency Slide A3120

MLB Transparency Slide A3120

1989 Collect the Stars Baseball Magnetables #65

1991 A's S.F. Examiner #5

1993 Topps/R&N China porcelain #473

2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams Autographs Gold #243 /5
2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams Autographs Platinum #243 /1
2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams Bronze #243 /50
2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams Gold #243 /5

2013 Leaf Memories 91 Buyback Red #232 /1

2014 ITG Past Present Future Cut Signature #CHDHE
2014 Leaf Memories 92 Buyback Gold #232 /5
2014 Leaf Memories 92 Buyback Red #232 /1

1982 Seattle Mariners team poster
1990s Oakland Athletics 4"x6" black & white photo w/facsimile signature
2000-ish Oakland Athletics Saturn/AL Champs 4"x6" black & white photo

2000s Seattle Mariners GetWell Tour black & white photo

2010s Seattle Mariners photo card

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