18 August 2023

More Tucson Jones Photo Fun! (1996 Toros)

Recently, a Tucson-based eBay seller of all kinds of random items posted a large lot of Tucson Sidewinders memorabilia.  The lot consisted of several programs (mostly with at least one player autograph within), a 1999 MultiAd Sidewinders team set, but also an assortment of the Jones Photo "Player Cards".  The photos were mostly obscured, and while I could make out several players that I'd seen before, there were just so many I had to grab it to see who might be lurking under that pile.

The pile of stuff was sent priority, so it was here in two days, and after it was on its way, the seller told me they'd found some other Tucson Toros items and threw those in.  So I'll start with those gems.

I'd seen that Jones Photo had issued some larger player photos, sold in white "Collector's Edition" holders, and I lucked out and received this beauty:

Collector's Edition photo cover 1991 Kenny Lofton photo

Jones Photo issued these 5"x7" Collector's Edition photos across a few years.  Not always the most obvious players, either (Ed Vosberg in 1990?).  I don't think they issued these for every player, given I've only found a few over the years.  I have to assume they were sold at the souvenir shop at the ballpark.

The other group of Toros items were two envelopes of six photos from 1996, and these also included a little insert that gave the dates of all the photo giveaways.  

Photo schedule insert

These were particularly welcome as I had found evidence of the 1996 set, but had never seen any reference to actual players.  The photos were still in the envelope, along with the note about the photo night dates, but curiously there were 6 photos per envelope, ratiher than 5.  

Jones Photo Player Cards envelope

As there were 6 giveaway nights, I'm not sure if that means there are actually 36 photos.  That would be the most of any of these sets.  The checklist so far:

Eric Bell
Jay Davis
Jerry Goff
Michael Groppuso
John Johnstone
Doug Mlicki
Eddie Pye
Ken Ramos
Tim Tolman
Charley Taylor
Billy Wagner
Donnie Wall

As usual, there is a smattering of silly photos mixed in with the usual standing around poses.

1996 Tim Tolman photo 1996 Jay Davis photo

1996 Michael Groppuso photo