14 October 2011

My Roberto Kelly want list

      Below you'll find the list of cards I need for my Roberto Kelly collection.   Over his career, he played for the Yankees, Reds, Braves, Expos, Dodgers, Twins, Mariners and Rangers.  He has some cards in a Rockies uniform, but he never made it back to the majors with them and ended his career in Mexico.  Since retiring as a player, he managed the Augusta Greenjackets for three seasons before becoming the San Francisco Giants 1st Base and baserunning coach in 2008, a post he has held ever since.  An American League All-Star in 1992 with the Yankees, he achieved a rare feat by making the All-Star team again in 1993, only this time for the National League after being traded to the Reds.

     I started collecting Roberto Kelly in 1988, along with all the other Yankee rookies that year like Jay Buhner and Al Leiter.  Since all three were very promising young players, naturally the Yankees dealt them.  Somehow, the Yankees made a Bizarro World trade with the Mariners where they send Buhner and TWO OTHER PLAYERS to the M's for a single Ken Phelps.  A year later, the Yankees would then deal Phelps to the A's for a single minor league pitcher.  Leiter took a few years to settle in to the pitcher he would be for the Mets in his prime, but at least they got the best right field arm in baseball in return in Jesse Barfield.  The Buhners kept tricking into the collection for awhile, but I never really pursued it after he was traded, and Leiter just didn't pan out, so I gave up on him pretty quickly.

     But Kelly ended up being the only bright spot for the Yankees in the early 90s, as Mattingly succumbed to back problems, the pitching was terrible and Deion Sanders just never "arrived" while in New York.  I never gave up on him, even through the trades, but at the same time, I never really concentrated on him until the last few years.  So far, I've picked up 446 of his 496 total cards (based on the Trading Card Database catalogue), which puts me at about 89.9% complete.

     Cards that are already on the way are denoted in bold.  As always my entire Sportlots inventory is available for trade.

1990 TV Sports Mailbag
1991 Score Promos #119
1998 Pacific Online Winners #738
1998 Ultra Masterpiece #424 /1
1999 Aurora Red #192
2000 Pacific Crown Collection Platinum Blue #282 /67
2000 Pacific Premiere Date #424 /37
2013 Leaf Memories Buyback Red #38 /1
2014 Leaf Memories 92 Buyback Red #156 /1

2017 Topps - Rediscover Topps 1990 Topps Stamped Buybacks Silver #109

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