13 August 2011

1998 Tucson Sidewinders Jones Photo - Hensley Meulens

     Pursuing a player collection of a lesser known, yet widely traveled slugger can be a challenge.  What makes that pursuit all the more satisfying is when something like this turns up out of the blue.  Not only was I not looking for this photo, I had no idea it even existed as none of the main hobby resources have any record of this set.  A little research reveals that in 1998 (and presumably all the other years these were produced), these photos were given away at Sidewinders games, at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson, in packs of five photos.  The photos I received came in these envelopes:

     Given that there are sixteen photos here , I'm going to assume there are at least four more to the set, possibly eight (previous sets contained 24-25 photos).  These are the photos from the lot I received:

Bryan Corey
Nelson Figueroa
Ben Ford
Hanley Frias
Karim Garcia
Ron Hartman
Peter Kolb (Trainer)
Garry Maddox
Barry Manuel
Hensley Meulens
Vladimir Nunez
Stephen Randolph
Mike Robertson
Rob Ryan
Jeff Suppan
Ephrain Valdez

     The same seller also had another lot of Tucson Toros photos.  After receiving everything, based on when the various players coincided on Toros rosters, there were 17 photos from 1993 (another undocumented set) and 5 from 1997.  The 2000 (and final) edition of the Standard Catalog of Minor League Baseball Cards only listed 5 photos from the 1997 set (presumably a single game's giveaway), so those, plus the photos in this lot make at least 10 in the set.  Here are the players in each:

1993    1997
Mike Brumley
Jim Bruske
Mike Capel
Steve Carter
Fred Costello
Ed Dixon
Dave Engle
Tony Eusebio
John Hudek
Jim Lindeman
Terry Mathews
Joe Mikulik
James Moulton
Luis Quinones
Jeff Robinson
Donne Wall
Bruce Walton
Rodney Windes
     Brian Banks
Mark Davis
Matt Grott
Ron Belliard
Jeff Huber
Bobby Hughes
Frank Kellner
Travis Lee
Sig Roberson
Jack Voigt

   I scanned all of the photos that showed up today and they can be seen in the following Picasa albums:

1993 Tucson Toros Jones Photo
1997 Tucson Toros Jones Photo
1998 Tucson Sidewinders Jones Photo

     I've added checklists for all three to the SportsCardForum.com Inventory Manager.  The photos are unnumbered, so I alphabetized and numbered based on that, so if I find more photos in the future, the "card numbers" will be adjusted.  As usual, these are all available for trade or sale, except for the Karim Garcia which has already been claimed.  All photos have now been sold.

-----UPDATE (14 December 2011)-----

     I have now found references to Toros sets from 1995 and 1996 (given away to the first 500 lucky fans) and a second Sidewinders set from 1999.  This helps lend a little credence to sets having been issued each year from 1987 to 1999.  Now I just need to find evidence of sets from the missing years and being the extremely slow process of building checklists.

-----UPDATE (19 January 2017)-----

     According to the 28 July 1998 Arizona Daily Star, at the Sidewinders game that night, the first 500 fans would receive photos of Edwin Diaz, Tim Florez, Danny Klassen, Neil Weber and Bob Wolcott, which combined with the list above brings the set total to 21.

06 August 2011

Dave Winfield Cachets In on Induction Day 2001 (then things get hairy...)

     Another week, another cachet commemorating the induction of Dave Winfield into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. This is the sixth cachet for Winfield's HoF induction, with apparently no end in sight.   It has been 10 years since his induction, and I'm still finding new commemorative cachets dedicated to this one event.  For 30-something collectors, the art here probably looks a bit familiar, as it is the same giant-hatted, beaked depiction of Winfield that appeared on his 1987 Donruss Diamond King card, courtesy of artist Dick Perez, the man who basically put Donruss on the map in the early 1980s.  This rendition was perhaps a subtle shot at Winfield's 1983 Toronto Seagull Incident, or perhaps not.  You be the judge.

    This image would be used three times in 1987, in the main Donruss set, in the Super Diamond Kings set (note the slightly different cropping of the photo in the Super, as well as the completely different formatting on the back):

     And in the 1987 Leaf set (with the text on the reverse in both English and federally legislated French):

     Wait...what's that?  Is that a hair?

     It would appear we have a possible new variation discovery here.  I just checked and the hair is actually on the card, it was not just one of a billion stray cat hairs that I'm forever cleaning off my scanner.  It would appear the hair is only on the regular 1987 Donruss version of the card.  But a check of my voluminous box of Winfield duplicates reveals there are actually two versions of this card, both With Hair and Sans Hair (I found about 4 with the hair and about 12 without):

      And because everyone else was doing it, in 2001, Donruss saw the need to trot the card out again (without the hair) in it's Donruss Diamond Kings Reprints sets in honor of it's 20th anniversary: