30 October 2012

Checklist Translations: 1992 Chinese Professional Baseball League

     Moving on to 1992, and comprising at least 110 cards. For the first time, team logos are displayed on the front, and I suppose a brand logo (?) of sorts on the top left.  The only color scheme for this issue is on the players' names in the upper right corner on the front.  As with previous years, the cards are plastic with rounded corners.  A special album was issued to hold the set and was available to order on the backs of the 5-card packs.

The set is described in this blog post:

The cards can be seen in this album:

The card front and back:

27 October 2012

Checklist Translations: 1991 Chinese Professional Baseball League

     For the 1991 season, the official CPBL set was expanded to 103 cards (which seems a very odd number for a set), and were still issued on plastic with rounded corners, slightly smaller than the standard size.

The set is described in this blog post:

The cards can be seen in this album:

     The card fronts have borders matching the teams' primary color, and as seems standard for almost all non-American cards, the players' uniform numbers are displayed prominently:


21 October 2012

Checklists Translations: 1990 Chinese Professional Baseball League

     In the past couple of weeks, I found some resources for information on older baseball card sets from Taiwan.  The main resource is this blog and accompanying album:


     Everything is in Chinese, so I've had to make liberal use of Google Translate, but beginning with his first post, the author has been posting on the history of baseball cards issued in Taiwan since 1990, just after the Chinese Professional Baseball League was formed.   Thanks to this wonderful blog, I am now aware of some 60+ sets for the CPBL, the short-lived Taiwan Major League as well as the Chinese Taipei national team.  Now the door has opened to a new world of cards, I am attempting to assemble checklists for all of the sets referenced and add them to the SportsCardForum.com Inventory Manager.