07 September 2013

Checklist Translations: 1995 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Sticker Collection

     For several different seasons, sticker sets were issued for the Korea Baseball Organization.  I've found evidence for sets from 1983, 1995, 1996 and 1998.  I suspect there are more out there to be found.  I have no idea how these were originally distributed and I have yet to find anything resembling a pack.  For that matter, I haven't found any images of the stickers not already stuck in an album.  What I have determined is that there are 96 total stickers in this set from 1995, with 12 stickers per team.  Each team's section in the album starts with a cartoon logo sticker, usually followed by the manager and then the 10 most prominent players.  As seen in the images below, each sticker has a white border and features the players position and name at the bottom of the image.