12 April 2017

Hobby Archaeology: 1938 Anniston Star Anniston Rams

      I ran across this 'set' while doing research for another project of mine that involved wading through years of sports pages of local newspapers.  In 1938, the Anniston Rams, of Anniston, Alabama, were the B-level, Southeastern League affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.  As the Rams were in their inaugural season, the local Anniston Hardware Company sponsored a series of profiles to introduce the team to the city.  The newspaper didn't announce the series, or mention how many there would be or what the frequency of release would be, but I think this is the whole set (15 entries), as I couldn't find any more for the rest of 1938.

20 May 1938
Lena Styles
22 May 1938
Dick Adair
24 May 1938
Elmer Johnson
26 May 1938
Bennett Needham
29 May 1938
Eddie Roetz
08 June 1938
Vincent Svilich
10 June 1938
French White
12 June 1938
Arthur Rebel
14 June 1938
Collin Lancaster
16 June 1938
Dot Pittman
19 June 1938
Charles Parker
22 June 1938
C.J. (Bill) Finucane
24 June 1938
Everett Grossman
03 July 1938
Foster "Cowboy" Thornton
07 July 1938
Ray "Pepper" Adamski

Profile of Anniston Rams player, Collin Lancaster.Profile of Anniston Rams player, Collin Lancaster. 14 Jun 1938, Tue The Anniston Star (Anniston, Alabama) Newspapers.com