18 June 2014

Player Collecting: Team photos, remember those?

     On the rare occasion that a player collector gets to the end of the line when it comes to traditional baseball cards, having picked up a copy of every different card (documented or not) that exists for a particular player, the yearning to pick up something else persists.  In that situation, the mind wanders to other items featuring player photographs, be they magazines, game programs, pocket schedules or what have you.  Quite possibly the oldest, yet frequently neglected item available to the dedicated player collector is the team photo or team picture.

1869 Peck & Snyder Red Stockings

14 June 2014

Checklist Translations: Smart '99 Chinese Pro-Baseball

     The primary set (issued in 2000) covering the 1999 CPBL season was issued by a new company, Sunrich Cards, Inc.  Each card had a foil logo featuring a pitcher and the word "SMART" written vertically, accompanied by "'99 CHINESE PRO-BASEBALL" sideways down the right side of each base card.  A special logo in the lower corner of each card marked the 10th anniversary of the CPBL.  The set was limited to 2000 copies (each card showing 1/2000 on the back), but only cards 183-226 were actually stamped with serial numbers.  While I haven't been able to tell for sure, based on the collections of like-numbered serial stamped cards I've seen on auction sites, I suspect this set may have only been issued in complete sets.

     The set contained 228 cards covering all of the teams (1-172), team logos (173-178), '99 post season (179-182), monthly MVP winners (183-196), the league's Best 9 (197-205), Glod Glove winners (206-214), '99 award winners and statistical leaders (215-226) and two unnumbered checklists.

The set is described in this blog post:

Cards 1-172 can be seen in this album:

The Award Winner subset is shown here:

The Gold Glove subset is shown here:

The standard base card front and back:

Chien-Fu Kuo Lee

03 June 2014

(As Yet) Unidentified Baseball Sets From Korea

The following are images I've picked up during my various research forays into the more Korean parts of the web.  Most of these I found on auction sites or blogs, but were accompanied with very little identifying information aside from perhaps year of issue.  I post them here in hopes that someone may be able to shed some light on their origins.  As a result of how I found the images, I know next to nothing about them, but if hard-pressed, could probably turn up the page where I found them.

As best I can tell, based on the blog I found these on, they are from 1980 and were inserted with Lotte Choco Pies.