29 December 2012

Checklist Translations: 2008 TSC La New Bears

    Sometime in the mid 2000s, Taiwan Sports Cards (http://www.taiwansportscard.com.tw/), more commonly known as TSC, began producing baseball cards for the CPBL.  In 2008, very similar to how BBM releases sets for each of the teams every year, TSC released pack-based sets for the Brother Elephants, Sinon Bulls and the La New Bears.  The sets featured the full assortment of inserts to be expected from a BBM pack-based team set; autographs, memorabilia cards, photo cards, etc.

16 December 2012

Checklist Translations: CPBL All-Star Players 1990-1994 ( 職棒五年明星賽球員卡 )

     In the early years of the CPBL, in addition to the main base sets, the league also issued sets for the annual CPBL All-Star series.  Similar to how the NPB does things, the CPBL often had multiple All-Star games each year, and each year the rosters were split into a Red Team and a White Team.  The team alignments for those would vary year to year so there wasn't really a set National League/American League style competition.

     I'm not entirely sure how these were issued, but there was typically a collector's album produced for the sets.  Below are the checklist as I've been able to construct along with the links to jackli7751's photo albums, the numbering is his, but is not actually on the cards.  Unfortunately, I don't think he has posted on his blog about the All-Star sets, yet.

1990 CPBL All-Star Players

Album: http://jackli7751.pixnet.net/album/set/16845472

Card front:

14 December 2012

WANTED: Tuff(y) Stuff or My Tuffy Rhodes Want List


     I've begun updating this list to include images of as many cards as I can find in hopes that it might help out anyone with access to the Japanese cards, but perhaps not an encyclopedic knowledge of what they all look like.  Many thanks to those that have helped make this list smaller (or longer as the case may be).