14 February 2013

1991 Tucson Toros Jones Photo set confirmed

     Based on the existence of a few other undocumented Jones Photo sets from the 1990s, I had theorized that there were likely Tucson Jones Photo sets issued each year from 1987-1999.  Beckett and SCD had previously catalogued parts of the sets from 1987-1989 and 1998.  I later found photos from the sets for 1993, 1997 and 1999.  This morning, a listing appeared on eBay of a lot of Tucson-related cards and photos (baseball and college basketball) and it included 8 photos from the 1991 set, including a very rare Kenny Lofton.  Here is a cropped version of the image from the listing, focusing on the Toros photos:

12 February 2013

Checklist Translations: 1997 Taiwan Major League Power Cards

     So far I've been able to dig up very little information on the nature of this set.  It was issued for the 1997 Taiwan Major League season, and is apparently designed as some sort of card game.  All of the cards have standard poker suits in the upper left corner, as well as menko-style paper, rock, scissors icons in the lower right corner.  Each card has some sort of power value in bold letters under the player name. The main base set is comprised of 180 player cards, and there is also a 36-card, white-bordered insert set that includes 26 game actions and 10 players.

Here are some examples of the base cards:

Sam Horn

Chi-Yueh Li