20 July 2013

1977 San Diego Padres Schedule Cards - Winfield Achievement Accomplished!

    In 1977, the San Diego Padres issued a "set" of 89 92 unnumbered cards featuring players and both on-field and off-field team personnel. All of the cards measured 2.25" x 3.375" and featured sepia tone photos with brown text on the front.  Neither Beckett nor the Standard Catalog make any reference to how these were distributed but, by their nature as schedule cards, I suspect they were handed out at Jack Murphy Stadium or just available at the ticket office for free.  The card lists below are based on the cards I have in-hand and contradict the Standard Catalog in some places.  Contrary to the variations alluded to by the SCBC, I have found no evidence of any individual player photos existing with multiple backs.