07 April 2013

Clyde's Stale Cards Store

      Awhile ago I signed up for an account on eCRATER.com. eCRATER offers free online storefronts, complete with shopping cart capability.  Customization options are very limited, so all the stores look very similar, but hey...it's free and I'm not limited to the inventory system database restrictions of Sportlots.com or COMC.com.  And to top it off, eCRATER doesn't even take a bite out of your sales!

       I haven't had the patience to sit down and learn to use it until recently, but I've decided the only way I'm going to be able to unload lots of my international and oddball cards is to put up my own store.  As a result, you can get a glimpse at the store in-progress as I'm adding my inventory.  As with my Sportlots.com store, everything in my eCRATER store will be up for trade as well as sale, and prices are negotiable, especially for multiple items. The store can be accessed here: http://clydes-stalecards.ecrater.com/.  Comments and suggestions are welcome!