19 December 2009

"Ah....new acquisitions!"


     In a single, wondrous mail-day, I have received a completely unknown (and apparently uncatalogued) 1994 Kansas City Royals Police SGA card of Dave Henderson (note the grin) and that last (as far as I can tell) American baseball card of Hensley Meulens, which comes from the 21-card 1989 Pacific Cards & Comics Rookies Superstars series.

     The Henderson I happened across on eBay when a seller posted the entire Royals team set individually. The Meulens, I had originally thought was another of those Broder Rookies sets with the cartoon on the reverse. That may explain why I've had such a hard time finding it. This set IS included in the 2003 Standard Catalog (12th Ed), but by the 2006 edition, all unlicensed sets had been removed. I'm still not entirely sure they sets are listed correctly, since no mention is made of the design on the reverse of the cards. 1989 would be Meulens biggest year for these bootleg cards; he had at least four unlicensed cards that year.


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