21 May 2010

Meulens...Muelens...Muellens? What, no Myoolins?

Thanks to Tim Peichel, master sleuth of the oddball card, I now have in my hands yet another, hitherto unknown, Broder-style card of everyone's favorite San Francisco Giants' hitting coach, one Bam Bam....Muellens? Geez, no wonder I never found this one. The only auction I'd ever seen with a spelling that mangled was for what someone was claiming was an authentic Pittsburgh Pirates jersey of Mr. Meulens. I did not bid.

In true junk era fashion, this card gives away absolutely nothing about its origins. One must suspect it to be issued in 1989, both due to the stated lack of major league experience, and the fact that Ken Griffey, Jr. also has a card in the set.

Perhaps this card was foretelling his destiny of playing in Japan, as CuraƧao's own rising son.

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