02 October 2010

15 Years of Winfield Oddballs

A very eclectic mélange of goodies in the post today.

1989 Phoenix Collect the Stars Baseball Magnetables

I'm not sure why, but Beckett only lists 47 magnets in this set, while the Standard Catalog lists 156. For the 1990 set, Beckett only lists about 17 of a set of at least 115 and the Standard Catalog doesn't list the 1990 set at all.

1994 Minnesota Twins pocket schedule

There were at least three different pocket schedules in 1994 with this photo on the front. In addition to the SuperAmerica (a local convenience store chain in Minnesota and the Midwest) back, there were two others with different ads for WCCO TV on the back.

August 22, 2004 Be a Good Sport at the Dome Day

A stadium giveaway featuring a Minnesota legend and a Minnesota legend in the making, encouraging good sportsmanship by all. Respect the game, but have fun. And that's one to grown on!

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