16 January 2011

Hometown Hero Station Hall of Fame cover

     I picked this one up awhile ago and forgot to post anything for it.  I'd seen several copies on eBay for awhile, but finally found one at a price I liked (under $10) and pulled the trigger.  This is another Hall of Fame Induction Day cover, this time in a series with Kirby Puckett, called Hometown Hero Station.  This is another full size #10 envelope with the art printed directly on the card.

     As I mentioned, there is also a similar cover for Kirby Puckett and I've also seen a Roger Maris cover from this Hometown Hero Station series from 1999, so there may be more out there.  Unlike others, I don't think this would qualify as a true "first day cover" as it doesn't feature a USPS cancellation over the stamp.  Looking back at the other covers from Photo File, it would appear none of them have postal cancellation, just the "induction pictoral cancellation" which would be the stitches and National Baseball Hall of Fame mark.

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