11 March 2011

High 5 Decals and more silk than China (,TX)

      In 1992,  Original Products, Inc., issued several sets of static decals featuring random Major League superstars and team sets.  You can find more information about the set over at Rickey Henderson Collectibles.  I didn't even know what these were until a few years ago, but I've finally managed to snag the Winfield, in a lot of random oddballs, after a couple of years of not wanting to pay $12 for the whole California Angels set.

      Unfortunately, my penny pinching resulted in getting a decal with no backing.  Typically these cards were issued in panels of 6 decals on a backing of a larger photo.  To get the individual decals, backing intact, one would have to cut the backing apart, which is exactly what I did for the Williams and Henderson.  I can only guess someone wanted to keep the backing photo from the Angels set, so I just paired the Winfield up with a 2.5"x3.5" piece of copy paper to give it something for the light to reflect off of and act as a non-stick surface so I could fit it into the appropriate pocket in my Winfield album.  Sans backing, it is very difficult to get a static decal to NOT stick to a plastic sheet.  BUT, I got it and can knock one more item off the old Winfield Want List!
      Also included in this lot, along with a King-B disc, a couple of 1988 & 89 Starting Lineup cards, a badly miscut 1990 All-American card, a 1981 Permagraphics and a 1992 Fire Safety Blue Jays card were these beauties:

      I'd seen a couple of these before, and I know there was a set of Susan Rini cards for the Yankees of the 60s, but I'd not seen any individual silk cachet cards for Big Dave before. I was ecstatic to pick up this lot for less than $8 shipped and get one item I needed and two I'd never seen before. And these are, indeed, printed on silk, they're not just cardboard printed photos. If the pictures look familiar....

      So it looks like maybe I have an other project on my hands, compiling a checklist of these Z Silk promo card thingies. Have either of you that read this blog ever seen these before for any other players?

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