23 April 2011

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Dave Winfield #126 Rainbow

     I don't hide that I don't particularly like variations and parallels in baseball cards. I just think they're the product of an extremely lazy attitude toward baseball card production. It's bad enough that the companies reuse the same photographs over and over, year after year, but to basically make the same card, over and over, with no change aside from color, ELEVEN TIMES, is borderline contempt toward the collector from the manufacturer. That's probably why it took me three whole years to complete the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes rainbow of Dave Winfield's base card; my heart just wasn't in it.  Sort of like my never ending, but somewhat lackadaisical, pursuit of the 100 Winfield cards in the Yankee Stadium Legacy set . Here, in all it's glory, in descending order of commonality:

Base CardBlackEmerald #/499
Charcoal #/399Beige #/299Red #/249
Navy Blue #/199Brown #/149Sea Green #/99
Light Blue #/49Purple #/25Base Card Back

     As you'll notice, the "beige" is basically a serial numbered version of the base card. Apparently someone at Upper Deck's printer messed up because some of the #/299 cards are a beige color somewhere between the base and brown editions, while others are just the base card with a number stamped on them. However, I don't think there are both beige and base numbered variations. I think the beige set is just scrambled. Of all of these, the Light Blue was the hardest to find. The Purple actually came to me in a trade offer on The Bench, so that was nice. As far as I know, I'm just three jersey cards away from the jersey rainbow for #126, but have a lot of colors to go on card #190.

    I participated in a 2008 Heroes case break on The Bench a couple of weeks ago, and out of all of those boxes of cards, there were multiple jersey/autos of Derek Jeter, Tim Lincecum and Victor Martinez, but not a single useful card of Dave Winfield. All I got for my trouble was a Matt Cain jersey auto, Josh Willingham jersey auto and a stack of Marlin base cards.  All for trade if anyone has any Winfields I need in exchange!

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