05 November 2011

1986 Baseball Cards Magazine Index

Baseball Cards, April 1986, Issue #15, Volume 6, No. 1
Cover: Vince Coleman
"On The Baseball Beat" by Irwin Cohen, Tom Seaver interview
"What's New" by Steve Ellingboe and Vic Knight. pp22-23, 42, 44, 46.  Sets referenced: 1986 Fleer; 1986 Topps; 1986 Donruss; 1986 Donruss All-Stars and Pop-Ups; 1985 Fleer Update; 1985 Topps Traded; 1985 Donruss Highlights; 1985 7-Up Chicago Cubs; 1985 Minnesota Twins Fire Safety; 1985 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety; 1985 Kondritz Vince Coleman; 1985 Mother's Cookies; 1985 Star Company; 1985 Hostess Atlanta Braves; 1986 Sportflics; 1985 Topps Football; 1986 Donruss, Topps and Fleer box bottom cards; 1986 Fleer Star Stickers, 1986 Topps Pete Rose set.
"Eddie Mathews" by Paul Green.  pp24-29.
"Stand-out Stand-ups" by Robert L. Parker. pp30-31.  Johnny Pro Orioles and Phillies.
"The hottest cards of '86: Checkin' up on Coleman collectibles". pp32-34. Vince Coleman rookie cards.
"Autograph Addresses" by Tom Owens. pp 50-52.  The Sport Americana Baseball Address List.
"Liz & Dick cover for Mantle & Maris". p56. 1962 Post Life Magazine inserts.
"Spring training autograph tips" by Dave Miedema. pp 70-72.
"The complete Tom Seaver cover checklist". p76.  Checklist of publications with Tom Seaver on the cover.
"Baseball & baseball cards in 1969: Celebrating a centennial" by Tom LaMarre. pp78-84. 1969 Topps issues.
"Do you remember these?" by Stewart Jones. pp86-91. 1940-1965 regional and food issues, Glendale Meats, Kahn's Weiners, Wheaties, collectible tickets, pins, Seattle Ranier items, Leaf, Sugardale Meats, Bell Brand Chips

Baseball Cards, June 1986, Issue #16, Volume 6, No.2
Cover: Rare Topps proof cards
"What's New" by Steve Ellingboe and Vic Knight. pp20-22. Sets referenced: 1986 Topps Mini Leaders, 1986 Topps Glossy All Stars and Glossy Send-Ins, 1986 Fleer Limited Edition, 1986 Fleer League Leaders, 1986 Fleer Classic Miniatures, 1986 Donruss All-Stars and Pop-Ups, 1986 Quaker Granola Bars, 1986 Fleer inserts.
"On The Baseball Beat" by Irwin Cohen. pp24-26,48,50. Don Sutton interview.
"Those great Fleer 'Greats'" by William Warren. pp 28-30. 1960 Fleer Baseball Greats set.
"1953 Bowman: Color Them Hot" by Ted Zanidakis. pp32-36.  1953 Bowman set.
"Autographs: Who signs, who snubs" by Dave Miedema and Chris Burleson. pp38-44.  Signing habits by league.
"1961: Maris-mania" by Paul Green. pp70-72. Roger Maris' 1961 season and Topps cards.
"The '$20,000 Garage Find'" by Keith Olbermann. pp76-81.  Rare Topps proof from 1960-1985.
"Joe Rudi" by Paul Green. pp82-87.  Joe Rudi interview.
"Collect Your Favorite Team: Philadelphia A's" by Ted Taylor. pp88-92.  Philadelphia A's collectibles.

Baseball Cards, August 1986, Issue #17, Volume 6, No.3
Cover: Dwight Gooden
"What's New" by Steve Ellingboe and Vic Knight. pp20-22.  Sets referenced: 1986 Topps Woolworth's; 1986 Drake's; 1986 Fleer Walgreen's; 1986 Leaf; 1986 Kay Bee; 1986 O-Pee-Chee; 1986 Topps stickers; 1986 Topps Super; 1986 Topps bronze and aluminum miniatures: 1986 Big League Chew Home Run Legends: 1986 True Value: 1986 New York Mets fan club issue: 1986 Kansas City Royals National Photo: 1986 Cain's, Kitty Clover, Kas and Jays photo chips discs; 1986 Dorman's Cheese.
"Rookie cards: a close-up look" by Bob Lemke, pp24-30.  Lemke's rookie card investment recommendations.
"BBM Interviews: Tom Lasorda" by Paul Green. pp32-38. Tommy Lasorda interview.
"1986 rookie card line-up". p40.  List of 1986 rookie cards.
"Solo Rookie Cards" by J.R. Green. pp42-46. 
"On The Baseball Beat" by Irwin Cohen. pp60-62. Reggie Jackson interview.
"Autographs: Who signs, who snubs; Part 2" by Dave Miedema and Chris Burleson. pp 63-65. Signing habits of players by league.
"5¢ today, $5 tomorrow: Successful rookie card speculation" by Robert L. Parker. pp66-71.  Tips and tactics for evaluating rookies for investment.
"Collecting Topps "trophy cards," the 1960-1978 All-Star Rookies" by Dave Steidel. pp72-81.  Profile and checklist of Topps All-Star Rookie cards.

Baseball Cards, October 1986, Issue #18, Volume 6, No.4
Cover: ??

Baseball Cards, December 1986, Issue #19, Volume 6, No.5
Cover: Wally Joyner
"New Issues Gallery" by Steve Ellingboe and Vic Knight. pp22-28. Sets referenced: 1986 Topps Traded, 1986 Fleer Update. 1986-87 Fleer Basketball, 1986 Star Company sets, 1986 Donruss Rookies, 1986 Fleer Baseball's Best, 1986 Fleer Classic Miniatures, 1986 Houston Astros Police, 1986 Provigo Montreal Expos, 1986 Burger King All-Pro, 1986 Sportflics, 1986 Milwaukee Brewers Police, 1986 Los Angeles Dodgers Police, 1986 Lite Beer Houston Astros, 1986 Gatorade Chicago Cubs, 1986 Beatrice Foods, 1986 Mother's Cookies, 1986 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety, 1986 Topps Football, 1986 Coca-Cola Chicago White Sox, 1986 ProCards, 1986 Smokey the Bear.
"On The Baseball Beat" by Irwin Cohen. pp30-32,64-65. Wally Joyner Interview.
"Non-Topps proof cards are a non-stop challenge" by Keith Olbermann. pp34-39.  Proof cards for tobacco, Bowman, Donruss, Fleer, Goudey, Hostess, Kelloggs issues.
"Those Great Fleer Greats" by Tom LaMarre. pp40-42,76.  1961 Fleer Baseball Greats set.
"1951: The real Topps rookie cards" by Bob Lemke. pp66-70. Profile of 1951 Topps sets.
"Tug McGraw" by Paul Green. pp71-75. Tug McGraw interview.
"The "forgotten" set: 1974 Topps" by Jeff Zeigler. pp78-82.  Profile of 1974 Topps set.
"Autograph inquiries" by Dave Miedema. pp84-85. Answers to common autograph questions.

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