26 July 2012

Brito Completo! 1987 Cleveland Indians Photocard

   With this eBay win, I declare victory in my pursuit of the Complete Bernardo Brito Collection:

   There in the second row, is the 37th and final known card of Bernardo Brito I needed to bring this journey to an end.  As noted in the 2003 SCD Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards:

"Because they are identical in format to the photo cards issued prior to 1987, individual cards can be difficult to attribute to a specific year of issue."

   Truer words were never written.  For you see before you, both the 1986 Brito (on the left) and the 1987 Brito (on the right).  I think.

   About the only thing that lends credence to this lot to be from 1987 are the inclusion of a couple of players that only played with Cleveland in 1987: Rick Dempsey and Ed Vande Berg. That's one more saved eBay search I can retire.

These were the rest of the cards:

Jack Aker (pitching coach)
Andy Allanson
Scott Bailes
Chris Bando
Jay Bell
Tony Bernazard
Bobby Bonds (hitting coach)
Brett Butler
Ernie Camacho
Tom Candiotti
Joe Carter
Carmen Castillo
Dave Clark
Pat Corrales (manager)
Rick Dempsey
Doc Edwards (bullpen coach, manager)
John Farrell
Julio Franco
Johnny Goryl (3rd base coach)
Mel Hall
Brook Jacoby
Doug Jones
Kent Murphy
Phil Niekro
Otis Nixon
Junior Noboa
Scott Roberts
Miguel Roman
Ken Schrom
Cory Snyder
Greg Swindell
Pat Tabler
Andre Thornton
Ed Vande Berg
Tom Waddell
Randy Washington
Ed Williams
Rich Yett


  1. I am reaching waaaay into the archives here, but any chance that Joe Carter card is still available?

    1. Sadly, no, I sold the lot back in 2013. I've updated the post to avoid further misdirection.