07 September 2013

Checklist Translations: 1995 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Sticker Collection

     For several different seasons, sticker sets were issued for the Korea Baseball Organization.  I've found evidence for sets from 1983, 1995, 1996 and 1998.  I suspect there are more out there to be found.  I have no idea how these were originally distributed and I have yet to find anything resembling a pack.  For that matter, I haven't found any images of the stickers not already stuck in an album.  What I have determined is that there are 96 total stickers in this set from 1995, with 12 stickers per team.  Each team's section in the album starts with a cartoon logo sticker, usually followed by the manager and then the 10 most prominent players.  As seen in the images below, each sticker has a white border and features the players position and name at the bottom of the image.

     My biggest challenge with this set is finding scans large enough to read the names.  Fortunately, JapaneseBaseball.com has a Korean baseball data set with names, which has been a huge help in this effort. Check the links below for scans and photos of the sticker books and stickers.



     Here is my 98.9% complete checklist for the 1995 Korea Baseball Organization Sticker Collection (한국 프로야구 스티커 컬렉션).  If anyone knows who sticker #16 is, I would love to be able to complete this checklist.

Number Korean English Team
LG Twins Logo LG Twins
2 이광환 Kwang Hwan Lee LG Twins
3 김용수 Yong-Soo Kim LG Twins
4 이상훈 Sang-Hun Lee LG Twins
5 김태원 Tae-Won Kim LG Twins
6 김동수 Dong-Soo Kim LG Twins
7 한대화 Dae-Hwa Han LG Twins
8 노찬엽 Chan-Yeop No LG Twins
9 유지현 Ji-Hyeon Yu LG Twins
10 서용빈 Yong-Bin Seo LG Twins
11 김재현 Jae-Hyeon Kim LG Twins
12 박종호
Jong-Ho Pak
LG Twins
OB Bears Logo OB Bears
14 김인식 In-Sik Kim OB Bears
15 김형석 Hyeong-Seok Kim OB Bears

OB Bears
17 박철순 Cheol-Soon Park OB Bears
18 김민호 Min-Ho Kim OB Bears
19 김종석 Jong-Seog Kim OB Bears
20 김태형 Tae-Hyeong Kim OB Bears
21 장호연 Ho-Yeon Jang OB Bears
22 김형석 Hyeong-Seok Kim OB Bears
23 이광우 Kwang-Woo Lee OB Bears
24 추성건 Seong-Geon Choo OB Bears
Pacific Dolphins Logo Pacific Dolphins
26 정동진 Dong-Chin Jeong Pacific Dolphins
27 정명원 Myeong-Won Jeong Pacific Dolphins
28 김경기 Kyeong-Ki Kim Pacific Dolphins
29 김동기 Dong-Ki Kim Pacific Dolphins
30 윤덕규 Deog-Kyu Yun Pacific Dolphins
31 김용국 Yong-Kook Kim Pacific Dolphins
32 위재영 Jae-Yeong Wi Pacific Dolphins
33 염경엽 Kyeong-Yeob Yeom Pacific Dolphins
34 최상덕 Sang-Doek Choi Pacific Dolphins
35 김인호 Yin-Ho Kim Pacific Dolphins
36 김홍집 Hong-Jib Kim Pacific Dolphins
Hanwha Eagles Logo Hanwha Eagles
38 강병철 Byeong-Chel Kang Hanwha Eagles
39 강석천 Seok-Cheon Kang Hanwha Eagles
40 정민철 Min-Cheul Jung Hanwha Eagles
41 김상국 Sang-Guk Kim Hanwha Eagles
42 장종훈 Jong-Hun Jang Hanwha Eagles
43 한용덕 Yong-Doeg Han Hanwha Eagles
44 송진우 Jin-Woo Song Hanwha Eagles
45 김정길 Jeong-Kil Kim Hanwha Eagles
46 박지상 Ji-Sang Park Hanwha Eagles
47 이종호 Jong-Ho Lee Hanwha Eagles
48 이강돈 Kang-Don Lee Hanwha Eagles
Samsung Lions Logo Samsung Lions
50 우용득 Yong-Deuk Woo Samsung Lions
51 박충식 Chung-Sik Park Samsung Lions
52 이만수 Man-Soo Lee Samsung Lions
53 김성현 Seong-Hyeon Kim Samsung Lions
54 김성래 Seong-Rae Kim Samsung Lions
55 성준 Jun Song Samsung Lions
56 양준혁 Joon-Hyuk Yang Samsung Lions
57 류중일 Jung-Il Ryu Samsung Lions
58 동봉철 Bong-Cheol Dong Samsung Lions
59 이정훈 Jeong-Hun Lee Samsung Lions
60 강기웅 Ki-Woong Kang Samsung Lions
Lotte Giants Logo Lotte Giants
62 김용희 Yong-Heui Kim Lotte Giants
63 염종석 Jong-Seok Yeom Lotte Giants
64 박동희 Dong-Heui Park Lotte Giants
65 김민호 Min-Ho Kim Lotte Giants
66 박정태 Jeong-Tae Park Lotte Giants
67 김선일 Seong-Yi Kim Lotte Giants
68 공필성 Pil-Seong Kong Lotte Giants
69 전준호 Jun-Ho Jeon Lotte Giants
70 김응국 Yeung-Kuk Kim Lotte Giants
71 주형광 Hyeong-Kwang Ju Lotte Giants
72 마해영 Hae-Yeong Ma Lotte Giants
Ssangbangwool Raiders Logo Ssangbangwool Raiders
74 한동화 Dong-Hwa Han Ssangbangwool Raiders
75 조규제 Gyu-Je Cho Ssangbangwool Raiders
76 김기태 Ki-Tae Kim Ssangbangwool Raiders
77 백인호 In-Ho Paek Ssangbangwool Raiders
78 박성기 Seong-Gi Park Ssangbangwool Raiders
79 신경식 Kyeong-Sik Sin Ssangbangwool Raiders
80 박경완 Kyung-Oan Park Ssangbangwool Raiders
81 박철우 Cheol-Woo Park Ssangbangwool Raiders
82 송태일 Tae-Il Song Ssangbangwool Raiders
83 박노준 No-Jun Park Ssangbangwool Raiders
84 심성보 Seong-Bo Sim Ssangbangwool Raiders
Haitai Tigers Logo Haitai Tigers
86 김응용 Eung-Ryong Kim Haitai Tigers
87 김성한 Seong-Han Kim Haitai Tigers
88 조계현 Kye-Hyeon Cho Haitai Tigers
89 이순철 Sun-Cheol Lee Haitai Tigers
90 이건열 Keon-Yeol Lee Haitai Tigers
91 이종범 Jong-Beom Lee Haitai Tigers
92 홍현우 Hyeon-Woo Hong Haitai Tigers
93 이호성 Ho-Seong Lee Haitai Tigers
94 선동열 Dong-Yeol Sun Haitai Tigers
95 김상훈 Sang-Hun Kim Haitai Tigers
96 정회열 Hoi-Yeol Jeong Haitai Tigers

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