10 December 2013

1994 Tucson Toros Jones Photo set confirmed

     Bit by bit, evidence of these sets continues to surface.  Above are photos from the previously unconfirmed 1994 Tucson Toros Jones Photo set.  Big thanks to Joshua Raisen who runs the wonderful Astroland website for this information.  He picked up this "pack" of 5 photos on eBay recently, complete with the vinyl envelope in which they were issued.

So far, the only known players are the following (updated as necessary):

John Hudek
Domingo Jean
Frank Kellner
Mark Petkovsek
Scooter Tucker

    As these were usually issued in bundles of five, I expect there are at least 15 more photos in the 1994 set.  Whenever more photos turn up, the list will be updated.

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