03 May 2014

1994 Uni-President Lions Playing Cards


I recently acquired this set on eBay from a seller that had picked up a few baseball-related souvenirs on a trip to Taiwan back in the mid 1990s. All of the face cards feature photos of players from the 1994 Uni-President Lions team.  The box, and all card backs, feature artwork of Lions' pitcher Chang-Heng Hsieh. If there is any particular significance to the arrangement, it escapes me.

 As of this writing there is another set available, still sealed in the original cellophane wrapper, from the same seller on eBay.

Here are the players:

AC Jose Cano / 阿Q

JC Chung-Kuang Lai / 賴崇光

QC Min-Ching Lo / 羅敏卿

KC Juan Castillo / 卡羅

AD Jose Nunez / 王漢

JD Lin-Lien Wu / 吳林煉

QD Wen-Sheng Liu / 呂文生

KD Tai-Chuan Chiang / 江泰權

AH Chin-Hsing Kuo / 郭進興

JH Francisco Laureano / 林克

QH Pai-Sheng Cheng / 鄭百勝

KH Chi-Chen Tseng / 曾智偵

AS Chang-Heng Hsieh / 謝長亨

JS Cheng-Hsien Chen / 陳政賢

QS Yung-Tai Sung / 宋榮泰

KS Fu-Ming Tu / 杜福明

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  1. Nice find! He's selling some other Taiwanese cards for a fortune too, but in Taiwan they can be had for a dollar or two... if you can get them. I really want to go back to Taiwan for a couple days, partly to look for more CPBL cards! $15 for the set is a bit much for my interests, although it's tempting.