20 May 2015

Hobby Archaeology: 1963 Chicago Tribune Autograph Album

From the Chicago Tribune Archives

     In 1963, the Chicago Tribune ran a series of photo profiles on the Cubs and White Sox in the daily sports section which ran from 04 July to 04 August.  The series alternated Sox/Cubs players every other day and concluding with the teams' managers.  Each day a new player was presented with a facsimile autographed photo and a short biographical sketch of their accomplishments.   There was a small blurb on the front page of the July 4th issue announcing the series, saying they used the latest photos taken by Tribune cameramen.  Here is the checklist.

04 July Nelson Fox Chicago White Sox
05 July Ron Santo Chicago Cubs
06 July Floyd Robinson Chicago White Sox
07 July Ken Hubbs Chicago Cubs
08 July Juan Pizarro Chicago White Sox
09 July Larry Jackson Chicago Cubs
10 July Ray Herbert Chicago White Sox
11 July Dick Ellsworth Chicago Cubs
12 July Pete Ward Chicago White Sox
13 July Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs
14 July Ron Hansen Chicago White Sox
15 July Andy Rodgers Chicago Cubs
16 July Mike Hershberger Chicago White Sox
17 July Bob Buhl Chicago Cubs
18 July Camilo Carreon Chicago White Sox
19 July Richard Bertell Chicago Cubs
20 July Dave Nicholson Chicago White Sox
21 July Glen Hobbie Chicago Cubs
22 July Jim Landis Chicago White Sox
23 July Billy Williams Chicago Cubs
24 July Charlie Maxwell Chicago White Sox
25 July Lindy McDaniel Chicago Cubs
26 July J.C. Martin Chicago White Sox
27 July Lou Brock Chicago Cubs
28 July Hoyt Wilhelm Chicago White Sox
29 July Don Landrum Chicago Cubs
30 July Jim Brosnan Chicago White Sox
31 July Don Elston Chicago Cubs
01 August Gary Peters Chicago White Sox
02 August Paul Toth Chicago Cubs
03 August John Buzhardt Chicago White Sox
04 August Al Lopez / Bob Kennedy

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