20 January 2016

Hobby Archaeology: 1983 Chicago Tribune White Sox Scrapbook

     1983 saw the Chicago Tribune issue another scrapbook series, this time for the White Sox.  The set was announced on page 17 of the September 11th Sports section, opposite a big article on hot hitting Sox rookie Ron Kittle.  Taking up the whole of the Focus page, the last page of the Sports section on weekdays, these scrapbook "cards" were large at three to a page.  At least for the first six installments, after which they were issued one per page on no apparent fixed schedule.  The set ran from 13 September to 1 October.

     Each entry included a fairly full biographical profile, abbreviated statistics through the previous day's game, a head shot and an action shot.

     The checklist is below, and again, the dates are linked to the pages in the Chicago Tribune Archives.  No coaches this time around aside from manager, Tony LaRussa.  I am assuming I caught them all, if I missed any, please let me know in the comments.

13 September - Floyd Bannister, Greg Luzinski, Mike Squires

14 September - Carlton Fisk, Jerry Dybzinski, Jerry Hairston

15 September - LaMarr Hoyt, Aurelio Rodriguez, Greg Walker

16 September - Harold Baines, Marc Hill, Kevin Hickey

17 September - Tom Paciorek, Juan Agosto, Dick Tidrow

21 September - Richard Dotson, Jerry Koosman, Dave Stegman

22 September - Ron Kittle

23 September - Rudy Law

24 September - Dennis Lamp

27 September - Julio Cruz

28 September - Britt Burns

29 September - Scott Fletcher

30 September - Salome Barojas

1 October - Vance Law, Tony LaRussa

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