23 August 2022

Now batting, #33, pinch hitter, Bernardo Brito

    On September 15, 1992, after twelve seasons in the minors, Bernardo Brito finally made his first trip to the plate in a Major League game, as the Minnesota Twins attempted to eek out a win against a very solid A's team.  Pinch hitting for Greg Gagne in the 8th inning, Bernie strode to the plate there at Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, stared down A's starter Ron Darling, worked a 1-2 count, and struck out swinging.

   It ended up being a tight 2-1 victory for 1st place Oakland, against the 2nd place Twins, with Eckersley locking down the 9th.  

Sept 15, 1992, box score

To quote the September 16, 1992, Oakland Tribune:

...Bernardo Brito, who spent 12 years in the minors, made his major-league debut for Minnesota with a pinch-hitting performance in the eights inning.  He whiffed on four pitches...

     Brito would see action in 8 games over the remainder of the season, going 2 for 14 in mostly a late-inning, pinch hitting role.


  1. Did you live in the Bay Area and attend A's games? I didn't keep my stubs from that era. There's a chance I went to this game. I'm guessing I averaged 5 home games a year back in the early 90's... so there's about a 6% chance I was there too.

    1. Sadly, no. I picked this up on eBay after several years of waiting on a saved search to hit. I lived in Huntsville, so I did get to see some of the future A's play here, though, with the Stars.