15 February 2010

2000 Future Bee Power League UL box break (pack 3)

Masao Kida had a less than stellar 2000.

Daisuke Miura. He wins some, he loses some. 135-133 over the last 17 seasons.

Koichi Oshima was, in fact, an infielder, so don't let the photo mislead you. His being labeled as simply "INF" makes me think of a Jose Oquendo-type player who just filled whatever spot was lacking in the lineup. Not a monster with the bat, nor on the bases, but consistent enough to snag a spot in the lineup for the better part of 11 years with the Buffaloes and BlueWave.

Koichiro Yoshinaga is considered one of, if not the best catcher of the 1990s in the Pacific League.

One must imagine that Shinichi Murata made a pretty good pitching target for him to have managed to stck around most of a season while only hitting .204. Yomirui must seriously have been hurting for a decent catcher.

Insert leader card is one Takuro Ishii who led the Central League in steals.

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