27 February 2010

Check Out Clyde's Cards (p2)

After receiving my notification that COMC had received my cards, in My Dashboard for managing my account, under My Processing Status, I now see the following (including my previous two batches for reference):

ServiceBatchProgressEst. QtyDue DateEst. DateCompletedFees
Standard4279935 %504/21/20104/21/2010$0.50
Express344443100 %5012/28/200912/28/200912/24/2009$20.00
Standard261915100 %7712/1/200912/1/200911/30/2009$12.30

I've learned from previous batches that the Progress indicator isn't necessarily a reliable measure of how close my cards are to being posted to the site. It tends to stay at 5% for a very long time, only to jump straight to 70% (which I'm assuming is the scanning stage), then to about 80-something% (probably the Book Value lookup stage), then to 90% (probably just a last minute Q/A step) and then to 100% when my cards are available in my inventory. Since I didn't really track all of that the last time around, I'll be sure to do so this time.

One nice thing to notice is that they do tend to get my cards processed a few days earlier than the estimated full processing time.

Incidentally, the closest thing they have to a support forum (though they do answer emails, eventually) would be the CheckOutMyCards.com Questions, Suggestions & Testimonials thread on Blowout Cards Forums. There's a LOT of good information there, and a couple of the COMC staff do drop by to answer questions on occasion.

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