28 March 2010

1987 ProCards Phoenix Firebirds #79 Matt Williams

"What? Yeah, sure, I'm Matt Williams. Just take the picture!"

Such was the scene shortly before the REAL Matthew Derrick Williams came storming onto the field to dive, catch the impostor bare-handed by the neck and fire him clear across the infield into the visitors dugout.

Perhaps a somewhat ignominious starting point for my Matt Williams collection, but the only one which demands that I ask, "Who is this knucklehead posing as he who would be come the best hot corner specialist in the National League for all of the 1990s?"

Said chowderhead does not appear on any other cards in the 1987 Firebirds set, nor do I see his mug in the 1988 CMC Firebirds set. So who is he? The bat boy? Anyone? Bueller?


The player in the photo Phil Ouellette, who oddly did not actually have a card of his own in 1987.

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