20 January 2017

1992 - 1995 Sportsprint New York Yankees postcard set (update)

UPDATE - 20 January 2017

A Bernie Williams postcard has surfaced featuring Bernie at the bat, wearing a jersey featuring the "7" on the sleeve, memorializing Mickey Mantle who had died in August 1995.   That means the "1993" list is probably a mix of postcards from 1993, 1994 and 1995 (or even 1996 given how the #7 was only used late in the season).  Thanks to eagle-eyed Kid4hof03 on FreedomCardboard who pointed this out.

UPDATE - 31 December 2015

    Thanks to Michael over at New York Yankees baseball cards, we now have solid information for splitting these postcards into individual 1992 & 1993 sets.  The list below has been updated accordingly.

UPDATE - 25 June 2015

     I'm now thinking this is actually two or three separate sets, or the set was issued continuously over two or three years.  This morning on eBay I caught an auction with previously unseen cards of Danny Tartabull in a portrait shot, another Kevin Maas with a different photo and a Roberto Kelly.  Kelly wasn't even on my radar for some reason, even though he was an All-Star for the Yankees in 1992, so I don't know why I was surprised.  Checking the same seller's completed auctions turned up another lot that included Buck Showalter, Mark Conner and new-to-me cards of Clete Boyer and Yankee Stadium.

UPDATE - 15 January 2013

I saw the Maas postcard on eBay, so the set is now up to 26.  I'm going to start posting images of each postcard as I find them so collectors might have a slightly better chance of recognizing them.  I suspect the black & white cards are copies of the originals, but until I find color versions, these are all I have to work with.
UPDATE - 09 December 2011

     A couple more of these showed up on eBay recently, but they are no help in narrowing the set down to a single year as all six individuals were with the team from 1992-93.

UPDATE - 04 December 2012

A much larger assortment of these has hit eBay, bring the checklist up to 25.  I finally have verification of most of the starters of the team.


     The postcard arrived today, all the way from Los Angeles. It was interesting to see that as soon as I got my shipping notice, the seller immediately had a second one posted for sale. Considering he said he was given these as a gift, and he only had the Meulens, Showalter and Howe, he probably has a stack of them from an in-person signing from way back when. I have to revise my date estimate to either 1992 or 1993 as those were the only years Meulens and Howe were on the team together with Showalter at the helm. By 1994, Meulens would be playing in Japan and out of the Yankees system altogether.

Here are the front and back together:


     No joy on Googling SPORTSPRINT/ATLANTA aside from more references to that 1994 Greenville Braves set. Ditto for the photographers and what was presumably the outfit that provided the photos.

     Definitely a welcome addition to the collection, though!

The confirmed 1992 checklist as it stands now:

Jesse Barfield
Clete Boyer

Greg Cadaret
Tony Cloninger
Dave Eiland
Alvaro Espinoza
Steve Farr

Mike Gallego
Lee Guetterman
John Habyan
Mel Hall
Charlie Hayes
Frank Howard
Steve Howe
Dion James
Jeff Johnson
Scott Kamienicki
Roberto Kelly
Tim Leary
Jim Leyritz
Scott Lusader
Kevin Maas
Don Mattingly (portrait)
Russ Meyer
Rich Monteleone
Ed Napoleon
Matt Nokes
Joe Pepitone
Pascual Perez
Melido Perez
Scott Sanderson
Buck Showalter
Andy Stankiewicz
Mike Stanley

Danny Tartabull (portrait)
Randy Velarde
Bernie Williams

Yankee Stadium

The presumed 1993-1995 checklist as it stands now:

Jim Abbott (pitching) (1994)

Jim Abbott (portrait) (1993)

Paul Assenmacher (1993)

Wade Boggs (batting)(1994/95?)

Wade Boggs (portrait) (1993)

Mark Connor (1993)

Mike Gallego (1994?)

Paul Gibson (1993/94?)

Pat Kelly (1994/95?)

Jimmy Key (1993/94?

Kevin Maas (1993)

Don Mattingly (batting) (1994/95?)
Hensley Meulens (1993)

Bobby Munoz (1993)

Matt Nokes (1993?)

Paul O'Neill
Danny Tartabull (batting) (1994/95?)

Bob Wickman (1993?)

Bernie Williams (batting, 7 on shoulder)

Based on games played in 1993, and using Meulens as a sort of lower threshold for inclusion, I would expect cards to exist for the following (but have no evidence):

Dion James
Scott Kamieniecki
Jim Leyritz
Rich Monteleone
Spike Owen
Melido Perez
Gerald Williams


  1. Hi Jason
    I can add some info. About 20 years ago I picked up a postcard checklist book by Mark Bowers which had detailed checklist for lots of team issued and other postcard sets. The 1992 set is listed as 34 cards, the 1993 set at 30. The 1993 set is the only one listed with Meulens. Send me an email address I can use and I'll pdf you the pertinent pages.

    And all the players you suspected of being in the set are listed in the checklist.

    1. That would be great, I would be happy to put this speculation to rest. You can send it to daclyde at gmail dot com. Is this book by the same Mark Bowers that posts on Net54baseball.com?

  2. Someone told me that there is a Tony Fernandez postcard from 1995. Is anyone familiar with this card or has one for sale? My name is Ben and my email is nortonnerd@msn.com. Thank you for any help.