24 April 2010

Check Out Clyde's Cards (p5)

I emailed COMC in response to the notification that one of my cards was being returned and very plainly stated my case, how I'd verified that every single card I submitted was, in fact, listed by Beckett, and identified the card to them as what Beckett called "1995 Takara SW16 Kazuhisa Ishii" and now they've acknowledge finding the card in Beckett's listings and are going to add it to my inventory.

Granted, for the typical COMC user, this card is a bit obscure, not worth very much, sure it's just Kaz Ishii, and he's not even relevant to American baseball anymore, but they chose to correct the oversight and that's good customer service. Whatever else I may have to say about how they choose which cards to list, I can't deny that Check Out My Cards has very good customer service!

1995 Takara Japan #SW16 - Kazuhisa Ishii - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com 

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