18 April 2010

KuboTEN strikes again!

Back in February, I won another Yahoo Auction of 18 Tuffy Rhodes cards from joecool0314 (my 3rd). A couple of weeks later, I also took a shot at ordering from Mitchael-Trading.com via KuboTEN and picked up another 7 Tuffy's I needed (one was sold out, I guess I missed that when I was browsing their online inventory).

Oddly, Tuffy didn't have a card in the 1996 Calbee set. 1996 was his first year in the league, and the set was only 139 cards over two series, and already had a good number of gaijin, but you'd think they could have left Alonzo Powell out of the second series (he was #24 in Series 1) and included Tuffy. I guess it's just frustration on my part as 1996 was Hensley Meulens third year in the league, and he never got a card in a Calbee set! Tuffy did make his Calbee debut in 1997, though:

Also picked up his 1998 BBM Diamond Heroes:

The last of the 2000 BBM 20th Century's Best cards I needed:

A few cards from the 2001-2003 BBM Kintetsu Buffaloes sets:

including a signature insert:

and the Buffaloes winning the 2002 Pacific League Championship:

And the rest...
2003 BBM Touch the Game:

2003 Calbee

2005 BBM Touch the Game (which seems more concerned with the flashy design than the player):

2005 Konami Prime Nine 2nd Edition:

2007 Calbee Inter-League insert:

2008 BBM All Star Card:

The regular 2009 BBM:

2009 BBM Orix Buffaloes "Wild Buffaloes" card
(I don't think I've ever seen anyone else wear their caps and helmets as low as Tuffy, he must rip all the padding out of the top or something):

And his main card from the 2009 BBM Buffaloes Memorial set:

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