17 August 2010

1987 Chong Modesto #7 Dann Howitt

       Not eighteen months out of Cal State Fullerton, a veritable factory of professional ballplayers, Dann Howitt was coming off an impressive first season of pro ball.  In 1986, he'd hit .317 for the Medford A's, Oakland's short-season, low-A ball team in the Northwest League, and was all set to move on to bigger and better things.

       Unfortunately, that's not always how it plays out in baseball and Dann started the 1987 season getting just 6 hits in his first 50 at bats at Modesto.  It wasn't all bad, though, as Howitt did manage a walk-off double against the Palm Springs Angels on April 24th, as chronicled in the Modesto Bee.  That particular late-inning heroism wouldn't be a the start of a trend as he would finish the season in Mendoza territory, putting up a mighty .208, but managing an impressive 110 whiffs in only 336 at bats.  One bright spot, though was his right wing, named by Baseball America as most powerful of all California League outfielders.

       The above is from the prestigious "Pro Sportsworld" edition that Chong Enterprises issued for Modesto, not to be confused with the non-existent other editions the team had that year.  Pro Sportsworld, [formerly] located in Vintage Faire Mall (next to Sears!), was "the only place in Modesto that carries officially licensed gifts from every major sports team."

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