10 August 2010

1990 Columbus Clippers Hensley Meulens

Yet again, I miss something right in front of my face and Dave Weber is there to save the day.  In 1990, there were FOUR separate team sets for the New York Yankees AAA affiliate Columbus Clippers.

There was the Police/Cracker Jack team issued set (thank you Sailor Jack for your wise words of warning):

The team set issued by CMC (successor of the TCMA legacy), which is nearly identical to Meulens' card in the 1990 CMC Pre-Rookie set, only featuring a green back with team logo instead of inset mugshot (yes, that is a cat hair in the scan....what can you do?):

The yearly entry from ProCards:

And then there was the one I completely overlooked, another team issued set, this time distributed as a one-piece, perforated fold out, with team photo (similar to the Cleveland Indians Gatorade sets or Atlanta Braves Lykes sets):

The ProCards and foldout cards feature nearly identical photos that obviously come from the same shoot.  But they are slightly different, unlike all the rest of the ProCards issues that all recycled that same picture for his 1990 ProCards AAA and 1990 ProCards AAA All-Star cards.

Somehow I'd managed not to see this last set, despite the number of times I scoured the last Standard Catalog of Minor League Baseball Cards looking for more cards of Meulens, Brito, Howitt and Howard.  A las, in late July, Dave Weber updated his Minor League Singles (no, it's not a dating site for budding ball players) to mention that he'd acquired this particular set.  Sadly, he'd already disposed of the team photo before I contacted him, but not two days after inquiring, was the card waiting for me in my mailbox when I arrived home today.  Thanks, Dave!

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