30 November 2011

Bam-Bam Takes The Helm (Again)

     Twice in as many seasons, the Bravos de Margarita of the Venezuelan winter league have parted ways with their manager as the playoff drive gets underway. Finding the team in last place with a 15-27 record, team vice-president, Tobías Enrique Carrero,  relieved manager Don Baylor of his duties, in what is described as a "mutual decision" (sure it was).

Baylor cesa funciones en Bravos

     Also twice in as many seasons, the Bravos have handed the reins over to hitting coach Hensley Meulens. One has to wonder if the team might have just appointed Bam-Bam as manager for the season were he not potentially tied up with the Giants in the playoffs this year.

Getting to be a habit.

     In any case, congratulations, once again, Mr. Meulens. I wish you well!

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