23 January 2012

Bravos de Margarita's New 2012-13 Manager: Hensley Meulens

      While it's a bit late, congratulations are in order for Hensley Meulens.  After being the fill-in manager for the end of the past two seasons for the last place Bravos de Margarita of the Venezuelan Winter League (after the initial managers were dismissed), Meulens has been announced as the full-time manager of the team for next season.  Hopefully he will have better luck with the team, starting at the beginning, rather than being handed the task of pulling them out of the cellar with one month left to play.

     Sadly, Meulens has no Venezuelan cards, so I have nothing to accompany this post.  Hopefully that will change if he is successful guiding the Bravos to the playoffs next season.  It's not easy finding checklists for the sets Lineup produces, so I'm not sure if they even have cards for their managers, but here's hoping.  I really wish there was a more consistent trade between the US and Venezuela, because paying upwards of $5 per card when ordering from the one or two Venezuelan sellers on eBay is hard on the wallet.

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