07 September 2014

Catching Up With Bam-Bam's SGA Team Set Cards

    As I seem to have missed the last few of his newer cards, this should clear the to-do list on recent acquisitions for my Meulens collection.  Sponsorship for the yearly San Francisco Giants stadium giveaway team set has changed hands multiple times since 2012.

    The set had been sponsored by Emerald Nuts for several years, but that ended in 2012 with this set (which is a glaring example of why foil text on card fronts is a bad idea):

    In 2013 the sponsorship was picked up by Chevron for a single year:

    This season, the sponsorship was assumed by Coca-Cola.  Unfortunately, while the Emerald Nuts and Chevron logos were small, compact and well defined, the Coke logo just sprawls over the lower corner of the image which just looks a bit sloppy:

    Does anyone else wish Topps would include coaches cards in the yearly base set, or in the individually packaged team sets?

     With the exception of some pricey recent Japanese cards and super obscure team issued Giants cards, I own one of every Hensley Meulens of which I can find evidence.  To that end, and noticing that many collectors have expanded their collections to include ticket stubs from games significant to their player of choice, I decided to do the same.  To that end, I just received this season ticket stuff from the 14 May 1998 game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers:

    This ticket marks Hensley Meulens final appearance in a Major League game.  He entered the game in the 5th inning, pinch hitting for pitcher Omar Daal.  Somewhat predictably, he struck out swinging to end the inning.

    A board member over at Freedom Cardboard made me this custom of a "card that never was" 1998 Upper Deck Retro to cover Meulens' last season.  The posts have long since rolled off the site, so I can't remember who it was that created it.

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