15 November 2014

Winfield in the Round with Corners (Part 4)

     When perusing the offerings on eBay while hunting for these various circular issues, one will encounter any number of "uncut", "proof" or just plain "square" versions of almost every MSA-produced disc.  In most cases these are not, in fact, proofs, they are simply pieces cut from a larger poster.  From about 1985-1990, a great many of these MSA discs were accompanied by a mail-in offer to order the complete set as a poster.  The posters were intended to exist as just that, a poster.  They were almost always without borders or perforations and not intended to be chopped into pieces anymore than was the cover of a Red Foley's Best Baseball Book Ever was intended to be hacked to to bits and sold as "cuts".

    The market for the uncut sheets / posters varies wildly.  Recently several 1987 sheets all sold for $1, a 1989 sheet sold for over $100 and many of the 1988 sheets didn't sell at all.  Below are images swiped from eBay of the sheets that have appeared recently for sale. Of these, only the 1987 Jiffy Pop sheet is actually perforated for the discs to be detached.  Unconscionably, Dave Winfield did not appear in that 1987 set.

     Recently, I caught a pretty good deal on a lot of oddball Dave Winfield discs and "squares".  Here are the regular and "uncut" versions side-by-side.

1983 Roy Rogers - I think this one actually is a pre-production cut, from sheet directly from the printers.  I've seen a rolled sheet for sale on eBay.  I don't think there was ever an offer of a complete set poster for the Roy Rogers set.  These "discs" were actually the lids for soft drink cups.  You can see the perforation for the straw to punch through just to the left of Dave's right shoulder.

1985 KAS Potato Chips

     According to the Standard Catalog, for both the 1985 KAS and Kitty Clover issues, the squares were from uncut production sheets.  There was no mail-in offer for these in 1985.

1985 Kitty Clover

1987 MSA Iced Tea (Baseball Super Stars)

1987 Weis Winners

1988 Jiffy Pop

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