26 February 2015

Hobby Archaeology: 1977 Chicago Tribune Cubs & Sox Scrapbook

     From June 12th to July 9th of the 1977 season, the Chicago Tribune produced a series of "cards" in the sports section of the newspaper for a Cub and White Sox player, intended to be cut from the paper and saved.  The feature was titled Cubs & Sox Scrapbook and presented over-sized portraits of a player from each team, along with several years of statistics below the photo. I was somewhat surprised to see one of these had been submitted to COMC, but not surprised to see that it had not been identified.
1977 Chicago Tribune Chicago Cubs/White Sox Scrapbook #TINO - Tim Nordbrook - Courtesy of COMC.com
     Previously, Beckett had listed these photos as two separate sets; 1977 Cubs Tribune and 1977 White Sox Tribune.  Neither checklist was complete, listing only 14 Cubs and 27 White Sox, and they really should not have been listed separately.  The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards doesn't list the set at all, but then they don't usually seem to recognize newspaper sets.  Fortunately the Chicago Tribune has placed their archives online, so this set can now be properly documented.   The set ran for 28 days and includes 54 players and both teams' managers.  Below is what should be the complete set with links to the Chicago Tribune archive pages.

June 12, Cubs-Sox Scrapbook Announcement

June 12, Bobby Murcer (Cubs) & Richie Zisk (White Sox)

June 13, Manny Trillo (Cubs) & Chet Lemon (White Sox)

June 14, Ray Burris (Cubs) & Steve Stone (White Sox)

June 15, Greg Gross (Cubs) & Jim Spencer (White Sox)

June 16, Jerry Morales (Cubs) & Tim Nordbrook (White Sox)

June 17, Donnie Moore (Cubs) & Lerrin LaGrow (White Sox)

June 18, Mick Kelleher (Cubs) & Eric Soderholm (White Sox)

June 19, Ivan DeJesus (Cubs) & Alan Bannister (White Sox)

June 20, Bill Bonham (Cubs) & Chris Knapp (White Sox)

June 21, Jim Todd (Cubs) & Dave Hamilton (White Sox)

June 22, Joe Wallis (Cubs) & Oscar Gamble (White Sox)

June 23, Steve Ontiveros (Cubs) & Jack Brohamer (White Sox)

June 24, Mike Krukow (Cubs) & Bart Johnson (White Sox)

June 25, Willie Hernandez (Cubs) & Bruce Dal Canton (White Sox)

June 26, Bruce Sutter (Cubs) & Wilbur Wood (White Sox)

June 27, Steve Swisher (Cubs) & Brian Downing (White Sox)

June 28, Dave Rosello (Cubs) & Jorge Orta (White Sox)

June 29, Rick Reuschel (Cubs) & Don Kirkwood (White Sox)

June 30, Bill Buckner (Cubs) & Lamar Johnson (White Sox)

July 1, Jose Cardenal (Cubs) & Wayne Nordhagen (White Sox)

July 2, Paul Reuschel (Cubs) & Ken Kravec (White Sox)

July 3, Larry Biitner (Cubs) & Ralph Garr (White Sox)

July 4, Bobby Darwin (Cubs), Francisco Barrios (White Sox)

July 5, Gene Clines (Cubs) & Royle Stillman (White Sox)

July 6, George Mitterwald (Cubs) & Jim Essian (White Sox)

July 7, Steve Renko (Cubs) & Kevin Bell (White Sox)

July 8, Pete Broberg (Cubs) & Jack Kucek (White Sox)

July 9, Herman Franks (Cubs) & Bob Lemon (White Sox)

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  1. Interesting note, I had a co-worker find my blog last week and ask me about it. Turns out he grew up in Chicago and delivered the Tribune as a kid. He just brought in his near complete collection of these that he has had since 1977. I think the only day he was missing was the pair from July 8th. It was cool to see these in person and he said he got a kick out of flipping through them again.