20 February 2015

Clyde's Stale News

     Because I'm slacking on getting a new post out here, I'm posting this reminder/news reel.  Yes, I am aware there are a multitude of broken images in my various Dave Winfield posts.  I recently hit the 2500 image limit in the old Picasa Web Album I was using for my collection scans, and had to split the collection into separate albums.  As a result, I broke a lot of links to Winfield cards on my blog, and across several message boards where I've previously posted images.  I've already started fixing the blog images, but it will take awhile, as it is not a fun task. I am lazyand just don't feel like fixing more than a few images at a time.

     Ntreev/Duael Entertainment and Gametree are releasing one final baseball card set covering the 2014 KBO season.  Labeled 14-15 슈퍼스타 베이스볼 카드 Blue Edition, this set covers 2014 season highlights, the post season and the various award winners and promises to include a lot more game-used memorabilia cards.  I'll dig into the checklist when it is finally posted to the Duael Entertainment website.  Currently you can find details on the set's Facebook page.

    I've been spending a lot of time lately adding sets to TradingCardDB.com.  It is still not up to date with everything added to SportsCardForum.com's Inventory Manager, but in many ways, it is a lot more versatile.  For instance, there is no requirement at TCDB for each card to have a unique card number, so unnumbered sets can just be listed with all the cards as NNO, or in those rare occasions where multiple cards in a set share a number, both can be listed without any conflict.  TCDB has also recently updated their checklist import system, making it much easier to include all a set's detail.  This is especially helpful for minor league sets as you can now import the checklist with the team's MLB affiliate and both Note fields.  Typically on TCDB, the Note field is used for things like whether a card has an ERR or UER, or is an SP, or if the player is a CO; and the Note2 field was used for more elaborate information like "player pictured is Lynn Pettis" or "reverse negative".  I have also begun adding checklists for other Japanese sets, in addition to just baseball.  I've added a few Sumo and pro-wrestling sets, and plan to add more as time and resources permit.
    When I finally get TCDB caught up with all the minor league and international releases that I have posted to SCF, I will try to update both sites in tandem, but the underlying database system SCF is using is very outdated, and aside from additions to the catalog, is not expected to be improved any time soon.  TCDB has an active developer who really knows his stuff and has been adding all kinds of features in the past year whereas SCF can't even be bothered to clean up the bogus set entries in their Manufacturer list, or clean up the teams.  Overall, I see no real future for the SCF system, as it will just continue to get older and older as other sites like Trading Card Database and Zistle quickly eclipse it and leave it in their dust.  I will continue to support SCF, but my enthusiasm has faded.

     I may have only mentioned it in passing, but for oddball collectors, be sure to check out the tremendous work Tim Peichel has been doing over at SuperCollectorCatalog.com.  Tim basically took what I started years ago when attempting to document unlicensed "broder" cards on my old website, and has expanded it beyond anything I would have attempted.  His database now includes unlicensed cards, obscure oddball issues and variations.  It is a great resource and saw a lot of additions over the course of 2014.

     I have listed most of the cards from my second box of BBM's 2013 Legendary Foreigners 2: Deep Impact set in my eCrater store.  All the base cards are listed at $0.50 each.  It was an underwhelming break, resulting in no autographs, and no facsimile signature cards of Hensley Meulens.  Thanks to RyanG for helping me procure it and avoiding extra fees I would have otherwise paid through KuboTEN.  The entire contents of the first box was submitted to COMC a few weeks ago, and I saw the first couple of cards from that batch show up in the Full Card # Challenge yesterday, so some of them are close to being listed there.  Over the course of two boxes, I still ended up 4 cards shy of a complete base set.

     Speaking of COMC (formerly CheckOutMyCards.com), I recently submitted a batch of 157 cards, almost entirely oddball, minor league and international issues.  12 cards have already hit my COMC inventory, as they were the most easily identifiable cards I sent.  Included in the batch were cards from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Venezuela, as well as a handful of recent minor league cards.  I had intended to include some Mexican cards, but had the batch all packed up and labeled before I remembered.  This entire submission will be funded by COMC credit earned by doing the Challenges they use to help crowd-source the development of their new catalog system.  So basically the only thing I was out of pocket on was the shipping to get the cards to Redmond.

     If you're still with me after all of that, thanks for visiting and reading my ramblings.  I hope to get into a more consistent schedule of output, but can't promise anything.  I've got about a dozen posts in draft form that need to be finished, and there are more updates and additions to make to my series of Checklist Translations in the pipeline.


  1. Even with all the time I spend on the Database, I had NO Idea that there were card sets issued for sumo wrestling. Kind of cool, but I don't think I'd want to pull a relic card.

    1. Heck, in Japan, there are even occasional sets for bowling and badminton.

  2. I haven't finished reading this post yet, but I had broken links when moving photos once and found that just making the new album visible to everyone fixed the problem... I think. Or do I have a bunch of broken images on my posts and I can't tell?

    1. My problem was I didn't have the patience to move the photos (Google really doesn't make it easy to do any mass changes in Picasa Web, and Google+ is borderline useless), so I basically just ditched my album and rebuild it from scratch. I haven't noticed any broken images on your posts.