04 April 2015

Checklist Translations: 1997 ProCard CPBL Baseball Hall of Fame [UPDATED]

    The third and final set issued by ProCard to cover the 1996 season introduced the "chrome" effect to Taiwan.  This shiny 122-card set was released in September 1997, was sold boxes of 24 packs, 6 cards to a pack.  Pack retailed for 150 yuan, which was about $4.50 US.  If I understand what Jack Li says in his blog post about the set, it was a bit too expensive for the market and wasn't terribly popular at the time.  As a result, this can be a fairly tough set to complete.  Interestingly, both Korea and Taiwan have had sets fashioned after Topps Finest or Chrome, but I can't think of a single similar set from Japan.

    The checklist breaks down into five sections;

001-064 represent the "regular" cards (including some from the expansion ChinaTrust Whales); this group is broken down into pitchers (投手) from 001-020 and batters (打者) from 021-064.  After 064, the numbering drops the leading zero and pairs up the overall set card number with subset card numbers.

65/R1-89/R25 cover the rookies for the 1997 season

90/T1-100/T11 are "T.A. Leaders" for the top eleven "total average" leaders.  Total Average being a complicated algorithm I cannot decipher through Google Translate.

101/C1-110/C10 are "300 Club" dedicated to players who hit .300

111/M1-122/M12 is the "Masters" subset, two players per team.  This subset had a parallel with  "HYPER REFLECTIVE" on the back, which I'm assuming means these are effectively the "refractors".  These were serial numbered to 400.

For more a more thorough description, as well as some scans of each of the subsets, check here:

穿金戴銀的職棒名人堂-話說中華職棒七年PRO CARD系列三

    Below is the checklist as I've managed to construct so far.  In some cases, the English names I'm using may not exactly match what is printed on the card.  Instead I use the names those players were most commonly known by in America.  As such, Epifano "Epy" Guerrero Jr. is always listed as Sandy Guerrero, Joseph Strong is always listed as Joe Strong, etc.  Possibly due to difficulty in coming up with an acceptable name in Chinese, Tony Metoyer was often listed as Tony Keith, using his middle name as his surname.  Major thanks to Frank Jett for supplying some images of the bottom of the box, which shows the checklist!

Number Chinese English Team
001 謝長亨 Chang-Heng Hsieh Uni-President Lions
002 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo Uni-President Lions
003 郭建成 Chien-Cheng Kuo China Times Eagles
004 史東 Joe Strong China Times Eagles
005 尼洛 Ravelo Manzanillo China Times Eagles
006 陽介仁 Chieh-Jen Yang Wei Chuan Dragons
007 黃文博 Wen-Po Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
008 黃平洋 Ping-Yang Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
009 張見發 Chien-Fah Chang Wei Chuan Dragons
010 賈西 Mike Garcia Wei Chuan Dragons
011 陳義信 Yi-Hsin Chen Brother Elephants
012 瑞奇 Enrique Burgos Brother Elephants
013 勞勃 Bob Wishnevski Brother Elephants
014 劉義傳 Yi-Chuan Lu Mercuries Tigers
015 康明杉 Ming-Shan Kang Mercuries Tigers
016 湯尼 Tony Metoyer Sinon Bulls
017 奧古斯都 Don August Sinon Bulls
018 廖俊銘 Chun-Ming Liao Sinon Bulls
019 林朝煌 Chao-Huang Lin Sinon Bulls
020 鄭百勝 Pai-Chung Chang Uni-President Lions
021 林克 Francisco Laureano Uni-President Lions
022 吳思賢 Shih-Hsih Wu Uni-President Lions
023 羅敏卿 Min-Ching Lo Uni-President Lions
024 賀亮德 Cesar Hernandez Uni-President Lions
025 羅偉 Hector Roa Uni-President Lions
026 羅國璋 Kuo-Chang Lo Uni-President Lions
027 曾智偵 Chi-Chen Tseng Uni-President Lions
028 陳政賢 Cheng-Hsien Chen Uni-President Lions
029 王光熙 Kuang-Shih Wang China Times Eagles
030 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng China Times Eagles
031 廖敏雄 Ming-Hsiung Liao China Times Eagles
032 李聰富 Tsong-Fu Li China Times Eagles
033 丹尼歐 Denio Gonzalez China Times Eagles
034 喬治 George Hinshaw China Times Eagles
035 呂明賜 Ming-Tsu Lu Wei Chuan Dragons
036 郭建霖 Kuo Chien-Lin Wei Chuan Dragons
037 羅世幸 Shi-Hsing Lo Wei Chuan Dragons
038 孫昭立 Chao-Li Sun Wei Chuan Dragons
039 黃煚隆 Chong-Lung Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
040 李安熙 An-Hsi Li Wei Chuan Dragons
041 坎沙諾 Sil Campusano Wei Chuan Dragons
042 張泰山 Tai-San Chang Wei Chuan Dragons
043 陳金茂 Chin-Mou Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
044 洪一中 I-Chung Hong Brother Elephants
045 林易增 I-Tseng Lin Brother Elephants
046 吳復連 Te-Shen Wu Brother Elephants
047 路易士 Luis de los Santos Brother Elephants
048 王光輝 Guang-Hui Wang Brother Elephants
049 葛雷諾 Sandy Guerrero Brother Elephants
050 李居明 Chu-Ming Lee Brother Elephants
051 林百亨 Pai-Heng Lin Brother Elephants
052 童琮輝 Tsung-Hui Tung Mercuries Tigers
053 林琨瀚 Kun-Han Lin Mercuries Tigers
054 林仲秋 Chung-Chiu Lin Mercuries Tigers
055 陳該發 Kai-Fa Chen Mercuries Tigers
056 康雷 Angel Gonzalez Mercuries Tigers
057 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias Mercuries Tigers
058 哥雅 Leo Garcia Mercuries Tigers
059 張耀騰 Yao-Teng Chang Sinon Bulls
060 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang Sinon Bulls
061 張天麟 Tian-Lin Chang Sinon Bulls
062 王傳家 Chuen-Chia Wang Sinon Bulls
063 陳彥成 Yen-Cheng Chen Sinon Bulls
064 張文宗 Wen-Chung Chang Sinon Bulls
65/R1 吳俊華 Chun-Hua Wu (Rookies '97) Uni-President Lions
66/R2 張瑋 Wei Chang (Rookies '97) China Times Eagles
67/R3 吳俊億 Chun-Yi Wu (Rookies '97) Brother Elephants
68/R4 陳炳男 Ping-Nan Chen (Rookies '97) Wei Chuan Dragons
69/R5 鄭文賢 Wen-Hsien Cheng (Rookies '97) Wei Chuan Dragons
70/R6 蔡昆祥 Kun-Hsiang Tsai (Rookies '97) Wei Chuan Dragons
71/R7 蔡豐安 Feng-An Tsai (Rookies '97) Mercuries Tigers
72/R8 林岳亮 Yueh-Liang Lin (Rookies '97) Mercuries Tigers
73/R9 吳世賢 Shih-Hsien Wu (Rookies '97) Mercuries Tigers
74/R10 林怡宏 Yi-Hung Lin (Rookies '97) Mercuries Tigers
75/R11 呂嘉明 Chia-Ming Lu (Rookies '97) Mercuries Tigers
76/R12 王光浩 Kuang-Hao Wang (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
77/R13 闕樹木 Shu-Mu Chueh (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
78/R14 韓勝成 Sheng-Chien Han (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
79/R15 黃鈞瑜 Chun-Yu Huang (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
80/R16 潘瑞雄 Jui-Hsiung Pan (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
81/R17 楊煜堂 Yu-Tang Yang (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
82/R18 黃清境 Ching-Jing Huang (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
83/R19 劉明吉 Ming-Chi Liu (Rookies '97) China Times Eagles
84/R20 李文豪 Wen-Hao Li (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
85/R21 胡長豪 Chang-Hao Hu (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
86/R22 何獻凡 Hsien-Fan He (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
87/R23 王聖徹 Sheng-Che Wang (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
88/R24 闕壯鎮 Chuang-Chen Chueh (Rookies '97) Chinatrust Whales
89/R25 陳俊宏 Lien-Hung Chen (Rookies '97) ChinaTrust Whales
90/T1 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (T.A. Leaders) Mercuries Tigers
91/T2 坎沙諾 Sil Campusano (T.A. Leaders) Wei Chuan Dragons
92/T3 丹尼歐 Denio Gonzalez (T.A. Leaders) China Times Eagles
93/T4 路易士 Luis de los Santos (T.A. Leaders) Brother Elephants
94/T5 羅敏卿 Min-Ching Lo (T.A. Leaders) Uni-President Lions
95/T6 羅偉 Hector Roa (T.A. Leaders) Uni-President Lions
96/T7 呂明賜 Ming-Tsu Lu (T.A. Leaders) Wei Chuan Dragons
97/T8 喬治 George Hinshaw (T.A. Leaders) China Times Eagles
98/T9 王傳家 Chuen-Chia Wang (T.A. Leaders) Sinon Bulls
99/T10 葛雷諾 Sandy Guerrero (T.A. Leaders) Brother Elephants
100/T11 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang (T.A. Leaders) Sinon Bulls
101/C1 路易士 Luis de los Santos (300 Club) Brother Elephants
102/C2 康雷 Angel Gonzalez (300 Club) Mercuries Tigers
103/C3 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng  (300 Club) China Times Eagles
104/C4 葛雷諾 Sandy Guerrero (300 Club) Brother Elephants
105/C5 喬治 George Hinshaw (300 Club) China Times Eagles
106/C6 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (300 Club) Mercuries Tigers
107/C7 羅敏卿 Min-Ching Lo (300 Club) Uni-President Lions
108/C8 林克 Francisco Laureano (300 Club) Uni-President Lions
109/C9 王光輝 Guang-Hui Wang (300 Club) Brother Elephants
110/C10 哥雅 Leo Garcia (300 Club) Mercuries Tigers
111/M1 吳俊良 Chun-Liang Wu (Masters) Uni-President Lions
112/M2 羅偉 Hector Roa (Masters) Uni-President Lions
113/M3 馬丁尼 José Martínez (Masters) China Times Eagles
114/M4 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng (Masters) China Times Eagles
115/M5 黃文博 Wen-Po Huang (Masters) Wei Chuan Dragons
116/M6 張泰山 Tai-San Chang (Masters) Wei Chuan Dragons
117/M7 陳義信 Yi-Hsin Chen (Masters) Brother Elephants
118/M8 路易士 Luis de los Santos (Masters) Brother Elephants
119/M9 劉義傳 Yi-Chuan Lu (Masters) Mercuries Tigers
120/M10 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (Masters) Mercuries Tigers
121/M11 奧古斯都 Don August (Masters) Sinon Bulls
122/M12 王傳家 Chuen-Chia Wang (Masters) Sinon Bulls


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    1997 ProCard CPBL Baseball Hall of Fame


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