03 April 2015

New Acereros de Monclova Stickers & Album

    The Mexican League's Acereros de Monclova have issued a new set of stickers and album covering their history from 1974 to 2015, to mark the team's 40th anniversary.  The new set looks very similar to the previous set issued in 2011, and if the images from their Facebook Page are any indication, some of the stickers may be repeats from the earlier set.  As before, there are both individual stickers of players, as well as 8-sticker puzzles, to fill out the 196-sticker set.

    This time around, instead of only offering the sets at the ballpark and through mail order, both the new and old sets are being sold on Mercado Libre, the main eBay-equivalent marketplace for most of Latin America.  The price for both sets, album included, is 200 pesos, which is about $13.50 US.  However, it would appear they are currently only shipping within Mexico.  Links to each album on Mercado Libre are below:

Álbum Y Estampas Acereros De Monclova 2015

Thanks to Mexican Super Collector Arturo for the news!


  1. This is an awesome blog. I love these uncatalogued oddballs from all over the world! I've added you to my blogroll as well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm trying to do my part to let collectors know that the hobby is much bigger than the narrow view provided by the likes of Beckett.