03 November 2009

Dann P. J. Howitt

     Dann Howitt, drafted out of Cal State Fullerton, by the Oakland A's 457th overall in the 18th round (by which time the team representatives had already had plenty to drink, not realizing there were so many eligible players still left) of the June 1986 draft.  No doubt overlooked earlier in the draft due to the extra 'n' in his name confusing the hand-crank computing machines in use by MLB in the mid-80s.

Perhaps it was the extra N that put that little extra pop in his bat.  Or maybe he was just a clone....

Anyway, here he is in his brief summer stint with the Medford A's on this 1986 Cramer card.


     Minor historical footnote here (if you look at the logo on the bottom right corner of the back) is that Cramer was in the transition to becoming Pacific Trading Cards who would, only a couple of years later, issue their silver-bordered Legends sets, followed later by some Spanish languange sets for both MLB & NFL, to ultimately become the complete mess of a company that would go out of business in the late 90s, issuing ridiculous quantities of parallel sets.

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