02 November 2009

There are those who would call me.....Tuffy?

     Karl Derrick Rhodes, an outfielder for Western Hills High School of Cincinnati, Ohio, was drafted in the 3rd round (#68 overall) of the 1986 June draft by the Houston Astros.  Swift on the bases, but not overwhelming of power.  Karl was chosen to help out with Houston's youth movement of the late 80s and early 90s.  The team had high hopes for Karl, along with the likes of Gerald Young, Eric Anthony, Cameron Drew, Ken Caminiti, Craig Biggio & Kenny Lofton.  Some would fulfill those hopes, others not so much.

     Here is Tuffy's first baseball card, from the 1987 ProCards Asheville Tourists set.  Skinny 18 year old kid, drafted for his speed more than anything else.  Those stats don't look too bad for someone straight out of high school.


     For whatever reason, despite Karl having been nicknamed "Tuffy" years before making it in pro baseball, it wasn't until his infamous 3-HR perfomance with the Cubs that he would be listed as "Tuffy Rhodes" on a baseball card. I guess "Tuffy" was just easier for the Japanese to pronounce than "Karl", as he's listed as Tuffy on all of his Japanese issue cards.

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