02 November 2009

Meulens named Giants hitting coach

     Here's hoping the Mighty Colossus of Curaçao can tame the free swingers of San Francisco. Congratulations, Mr. Meulens!  Don't forget to bring the batting tee.

     While the Giants were mired among the lower levels of runs scored among MLB teams, with the help of Hensley Meulens, the Giants' AAA affiliate, the Fresno Grizzlies (who boast one of the best on-field ground-crew performance groups around...all singing, all dancing, all infield dirt raking!) managed to snag a couple of the top 10 spots in batting average.  Meulens is also credited for turning around the season of Eugenio Velez, who greatly helped the Giants in their pennant chase as the season neared the end (too little, too late, I guess).

     Here he stands, like the mighty Colossus of Rhodes, Meulens holds down the fort in the first base coaching box during a Grizzlies home game on his 2009 MultiAd Sports card from the Grizzlie's team set.  Thanks to Dave Weber, Minor League Singles Master Extraordinaire for providing me with said card for a meager couple of bucks, so I didn't have to drop $17 on the whole team for this one card.

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