27 July 2010

2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club Autographs DW

     Major score on eBay last week and it finally hit the mailbox today. Thanks to a poorly labeled auction ("1967 NY YANKEES signed DAVE WINFIELD upper deck authent"; it was included in a scan with a 1967 Topps card that was a separate auction), I managed to snag this nugget for just under $5!

     As I've probably mentioned a time or two in the past, I'm not the world's biggest autograph hound, but even I couldn't pass this one up. And after missing several other autographed cards in the past week (I held to my $10 max, but some people still got really good deals thanks to my restraint) I was really surprised to win this one, even with the poorly chosen title. This is #805 in my collection out of the possible 1930 different Dave Winfield cards deemed worthy of recognition by Beckett.

     Oddly, the seller found it necessary to include his own certificate of  authenticity, as if that provided on the reverse of the card, printed there by the manufacturer, weren't assurance enough.  Though, considering the credibility of the gentleman who's name is found on the back of the card, perhaps it was warranted.  As the U-2 folks say, "In God We Trust.  All Others We Monitor." Thanks, Mr. Zippo!

     Once I build up enough credit in my CheckOutMyCards account, I'll pull the trigger to ship the 7 I have waiting in my account there, but until they're in my hands and in my Winfield binder, they're not officially part of my collection. So #806-812 are "to be announced" to quote TV Guide.

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